“Increasing its surveillance”

“Increasing its surveillance” – now we’re getting down to the bread and butter of this thang since we have moved into a Hitler state with the “Bush signing statements”

It means 1984 is now, I’m not allowed a fucking personality, information control, where is my freedom of speech???? It’s gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This pandemic was manmade to control the population – So Big Pharma could get the money back they lost when weed went legal – or many became “anti vacinners” and they’re creating fear and then swinging in with blankets covered in Smallpox! 👀

Go ahead and unfollow me!

Go ahead and crucify me!

I’m not gonna shut the fuck up!!!

My war is with the 1%. If you continue protecting this madness, I will see you as the enemy.

This is not the time to be picking war with me 👀

And don’t even get me started about India being responsible for that fucking variant

What don’t they have their hands in?

Asking for friend 👀

(And Biden is puppet – I warned you – But you were more interested in how cool it made you look to vote for a certain party so you could get laid. Right?) 🙄

And today I don’t know if I forgive you

You don’t get to help me and ghost me too


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