Population control


It’s especially concerning because my bloodline is Native American and my grandmother had 12 children

Could you imagine if those same laws were imposed here and my grandmother didn’t have 12 children? That means my mom would’ve never been born and neither would I and maybe that would’ve been a slight fucking miracle because she didn’t want me at all but my grandmother taught me how to be a good person and how to cook and how to love and how to garden and she was basically my mama

The root of all evil actually starts from over there and I really want to build a fucking wall and make America the way it really should be – the land of the free – not the land of slavery so India can sit back and get rich and DO NOTHING but impose more rules to enslave you – End it says “23,000 Indian millionaires” have left their own country since 2014.

Yeah they come here and take all our jobs and never give us proper work breaks and increase our rent every fucking year for no reason other than to take our fucking paycheck

I don’t like where the world has headed.

I don’t want to play the money game

It would be nice if I made enough to cover my main cost of living like my rent but I barely get enough support to cover my website and operation domains

And I’m still called a Golddigger

Even though 99% of people around me want everything for free

Stop gaslighting

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