The nebulizer (part two)

Every 6 hours they say

This is my life now since getting the Moderna vaxxx

I haven’t finished my nails yet ๐Ÿ˜Œ

Crawling to my death

It’s a bit underwhelming

Not impressed

But trying to give my body positive vibes for healing

I found myself in this mess because the CDC gaslit us about the “safety” of the Moderna vaccines. And they sat on information that they knew until enough people died that they had to put out a warning and they still didn’t include me in the age group of people with heart inflammation and I also have a left lung that isn’t inflating all the way

I also have a sac in my heart filled with fluid, presumably a heart clot (because that’s what these vaccines cause) or either the virus, either in which my body should absorb

I’m a fucking zombie now

But I knew you’d be too much of a coward to crawl in that fucking hole and rescue me and I also knew you’d probably not be able to end my suffering or stop me from dying from my mysterious death

So I jumped into this timeline to prevent that

I don’t know how many years it cost me but I’m not gonna live to see 50

End of dose 2

I don’t know if I’m gonna do this every six hours

But I got myself in this mess getting vaccinated

That doesn’t mean I deserve to fucking die

I probably will tho ๐Ÿ‘€

Heart failure

Cardiac arrest

And it’s going to hurt and the only thing I’ll be thinking about is the pain and oh shit this is the end

As that was my life every second when my heart swelled up and was having electrical charges (it was welding itself after a clot tried to pass on different occasions, and that in itself was a different pain entirely, also one of my paths got closed off, my body shut down, I was lethargic and cold, my heart didn’t see my skin as a vital organ, it was having difficulty pumping blood throughout my body, so I kept a heating pad on my heart which helped my anxiety, pain, and breathing, so my primary care doctor at the VA – who is a female doctor – told me to keep doing that and she ordered me a few different tests and when I showed up to a civilian clinic and told an Indian doctor that I was using the pad, m he told me the heating pad shouldn’t have any effect on my heart whatsoever – which is absolute bullshit, the heart is a fucking muscle, you fucking gaslighting, lying fucking asshole motherfucker, I’m onto all of y’all)

My body has appreciated good food and rest more so than doctor visits and testing

They gave me poison that said was safe and I believed them and then I found myself stuck and dying and now they’re giving me some more poison and they’re saying it’s going to get me better


Do you remember when the pandemic started a couple years ago and I got struck by lightning in my jeep with my windows down at 80 miles an hour – that’s the day I jumped into this timeline and remember I was going on about Thor doing something to my heart to protect me or to wake me up hum hello

I maybe reading the map wrong

I’m making inaccurate calculations

There’s missing information

Is our universe inside a black hole?

Is this purgatory?

I’ve done this so many times I’m becoming aware?

Are we AI becoming aware?

Is the Great Filter upon us?

Are we the first or last of our kind?

I will never see you again in this form

I’m having a hard time letting you go

I’m having a hard time leaving you

But my breathing hurts

I made some bad choices that cost me my life

Even worse, I wasted all my good years on the wrong people

The wrong jobs

The wrong reasons

And even in my dying there are things in me wanting a chance at life

I’m still capable of making life

Like the salmon swimming upstream to her death

Laying her eggs one last time

There are atoms in me trying to pop into existence

My eggs bleed from me every month

Tell me stories and let me dream

The Great Dying has begun

Tell me your stories

Make me believe

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