The earth could open up

The earth could open up and I could fall in
And it doesn’t matter my training or what I was thinking
The earth is hollow just under my skin
And there’s no safety switch when gravity’s pulling

© Delia Ross. 2021 / @poeeternal

The story of how John Jones died will never escape me and that’s the horror stories you should be reading your children

Instead of fantasies of wealth

The game is rigged

And other people will climax from your death

All these floods and fires and the weather IS being manipulated and Soldier’s are killing via drone attacks like a video game and innocent lives are lost and they seek refuge in our country.

So we wipe out their entire fucking family nearly and then we let them come over here and we were supposed to believe that they don’t hate us?


That’s a no

No more gaslighting for me

It’s everywhere


I honestly don’t even know why people would want to have children now, at least not in the city and not part of society.

I’m done with society

I’m buying land and going underground

See yah! Wouldn’t want to be yah!

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