This love was his to cradle


He loves us, he loves us not

Tied To My Love

Sometimes, on a good day, I see his love. (I dipped my toes in non rhyme).

Hope Nope

Hope is a dead star


Nothing is real. I cannot feel.

The Day I End

Maybe today is the day I find my courage


Written of and dedicated to my muse, Alex Eb!


I'll take the middle of try; that's where you are.

The Trouble With Forever

Commitment issues are his running shoes

A Visit From Lu Part 3

A Visit From Lu Part 3 (new poetry series)

Over It

A 3 a.m. micropoem of eternal longing

Beginnings in Endings

When hope is a rainbow, where love is a window (I love him my whole soul)


Where do I put the love?


If only I could stop loving you...

A Visit From Lu Part 2

A Visit From Lu Part 2

A Visit From Lu

A Visit From Lu Parts 1-7! An ongoing, experimental fantasy poetry series / end of the world love saga



Come Back


Mirage 2.0

I love being just a number to the artist who inspire me....

Writings On My Wall

Stuffs. Micropoetry mostly. Writings I hadn't intended to share. Trashy treasures.


I put up with alot of bullshite


Just a little poem about ego


Simply a sweet micro-rhyme.

Caught Between the Devil

Caught between the devil and the poems I keep writing...

50 Word Short Story Poetry

A short story / 50 word poem *Possible trigger warning*

Loss For Words

Unrequited love chapter 666

Tower of Sorrow

eternal blackness, he's gone

He’s Wonderful

A micropoem but never micro-longing.


I tried to write this before but I didn't do it justice. "Your mind makes it real". "Jump, okie dokie". What Matrix 4? GIVEMAHHHHHH (I am a Matrix junkie. It's like a favorite sci-fi win). This poem doesn't have anything to do with the movie except for the fact that it feels real... Neo, wake up *knocks on door*


I thought I was just a gatherer but I suppose I am a huntress as well.


You know I don't do this for the likes, right? I keep my blog advert free too. "See the safety from the life you have built, everything where it belongs" (it's a NIN song and worth a listen or ten).


A 4 a.m. micropoem because I woke up needing you.


"Hello, I love you won't you tell me your name, hello I love you let me jump in your game"

Kingdom Come

She is his to conquer


I need him. Utterly. In every way.


Pesky numbers


Nothing to be seen, nothing to be sewn