Calling Wisdom

I’m calling wisdom too (and you can listen to me read it here:

One of These Years...

Calling wisdom…
to see through all the horse shit
of your flimsy words
those jelly-limbed actions
flailing so selfishly and blindly
out in front of me
I’m calling wisdom…

Calling wisdom…
to untangle all the wires
of your dangling contradictions
Cut through the paper masks
of all your posturing
that you’re completely lost in
I’m calling wisdom…

Calling wisdom
to cast a dim light on your thinking
what train of thought
you caught to get to here
these decided sidings
of this line’s end
I’m calling wisdom

Calling wisdom…
to map a human sense of things
the fucked foundation you’ve been building on
is cratered and crumbling in upon us
and burning bricks and buried bones
are all that I can know now
I’m calling wisdom…

Calling wisdom…
to put in place a forest of words between us
brush blooming plants to hide the muddy path
that we spun down…

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A Raft Named Hello


I built a raft from my tears so my love could sail into your foreign skies
I etched a map with blood and stains made from all your lies
And drew upon her side HELLO but she’s better with goodbyes
But still my hand aptly wrote her name across her guise

And from my fears a wind took hold which carried off my back
And anchored in its belly are the cares from which you lack
And settled in the hull are all the nights that I lost track
Moments lost in time but they filled me with your black

There may come a time when it finally reaches you
A chance to recognize and understand its value
A moment to cherish what you never knew
But I already died from failure of rescue

© Delia Ross. 2019

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Gavin Rossdale Visits The Kevin & Bean Morning Show (and answers my question with a promise)!

Gavin Rossdale of Bush made a promise to me this year on air, you can listen to the radio show and his promise by following the link in this thread. Worth a listen. HERO (what life is this?)


The Kevin & Bean Show recently interviewed lead singer of Bush, Gavin Rossdale.

I submitted a question to KROQ and they delivered it to Gavin around 9 minutes in of this interview. I was uncertain that they would even use my question because it is such a somber subject and Gavin was on air likely to talk about the upcoming new album and new tour. The host told Gavin that it was a really nice compliment, and Gavin replied wow, that’s beautiful. He went on to share a really personal memory and his feelings on the matter. He then directly speaks to me by saying my name (Delia), telling me he thought what I said was beautiful and he made me a promise.

I’ve been following Gavin since the early 90s when Bush emerged. I’ve been part of the alternative scene since then too, and the city I…

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The Muse

Ending my blog on a positive light, follow the light…


For my muse – there’s only ever been the one
He evokes poetry on the tongue
He puts words in my thumb
He makes the darkness go numb
He makes the daylight come

A visual walking masterpiece
He sees through the worst of me

He lives in a world I’ll never be able to cross into
A star so bright he can pierce through –
Any structure, any crack or dark avenue
He’s teaching me how to be human too
He suffers the way you and I do
I hate it but it’s true

An archangel of the highest order –
Though probably not a title he’d gladly hoarder

I see him in a different color
Where blackness is always duller

His mind is so expanse he’s more than genius
His message is love just like Jesus 🙂
He should be my life thesis 🙂
(Fuck, he’ll probably see this)…

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