Three Words

You are a shooting star
Wishes not to discard

You are an orchard
Where hope was recorded

Three words, three seeds
That’s where love proceeds

© Delia Ross. 2020 / @poeeternal


I mean, the world is falling apart, but I still love you.

It’s ridic. Right? 🤔

God created this obsession FYI

And I actually know what a black hole feels like

I actually know what Sagittarius A* feels like

It’s possible that sometimes I am Sagittarius A*

When other girls are talking to you


I mean I started taunting this other guy who is married and having babies because I thought he was you


For months and months taunting this poor dude

And even liking the posts his wife would drop of the fam 👀

And I don’t have any hate towards his family or any animosity

Just that damn porn chick 👀

I hate her with a passion especially since she stole my signature booty move

You don’t get to steal my signature booty move and get the fucking attention of the loves of my life too and me not hate you

But, this poem above is about the other guy, the third guy, who I’ve convinced at certain times is you – but have also equally accepted that he is not


But like I love this dude and the love has manifested to be real because he bought me pizza 👀

I love three guys who at one point I thought was only one – but for sure is not 👀

Three libras but it wasn’t so obvious 😑

But now I love all of you equally the same


3 guys and I don’t get 1

*Starts chanting in some weird gibberish voice and just lets people know I’m talking to God so they don’t think I’m insane*

*goes insane*


Uhm, so I haven’t lost all my ass or leg progress yet but I feel nowhere near like I’m ready to start fitness again and it’s really scary to be having these kind of heart problems at my age over a fucking vaccination.

If you’re still supporting me even though I am dying and venting on the daily, thank you.

I get called lazy for serving my country and I get called lazy for having an OnlyFans.

Jesus Christ left Mary Magdalene in charge of the gospel and they wiped her from the books and labeled her a whore.

Just like me!!!

They create poor conditions for you to live in and then condemn you for trying to survive.

They fucking condemn you if you try to die by suicide as well.

“No no no you’re not allowed to die like that, it’s a sin”!

Apparently it’s a sin if you lust after somebody else even though that is actually biology

And “a sin” if you try to die because you don’t want to live in this bullshit life

The only thing that is not a sin is giving them money

Lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of your money

I ain’t wrong


Zone of Avoidance

He’s the zone of avoidance
Darkness so thick
No clairvoyance
Light it travels quick
Set to destroy us

© Delia Ross. 2020 / @poeeternal

Witchy cosplay wig 🤪
If I had extremely thick black and grey long hair with bangs
I do my makeup and rarely do it the same
Cosplay wig!!!

Did you know that I am a Leo? Ruler/ leader of all the signs.


Me burning for you in the dark

Thanks, updates, and more thanks!

Thank you for making my new TikTok number one on my channel! I’m always afraid to even do one because the competition is so fierce! 👀

My TikTok clocks in just over 15 seconds but it has already been played over three hours!! 👀

It shows the average watch time as being longer than the actual TikTok (does this mean you were suspended and experienced time dilation)? 👀

683 accounts reached! Holyshit! I’d pee myself! I can’t perform in front of people. Hell, I can’t even type if someone is standing over me. If I am eating and I am into a guy and he sits down and starts talking to me, I will choke on my food. I iz nerd. 👀

I love making TikTok’s and I am trying to get better. I’d like to make more. But not 3 a day more. Those creators are just copying things that have already been done. And they have all the equipment they need that I don’t have. 👀

I create in spontaneous combustion oft times.

If you haven’t had a chance to watch my new TikTok, you can check it out at the link here:

I have other videos too on my channel – I don’t have a set theme. But I do prefer using it more creatively than journalistically. Apparently you are supposed to respond to comments with more videos (even the negative comments). Eh, no thanks.

Thanks for checking out my work and for supporting content creators!

I’m sorry there has been less content lately, I am still recovering from heart related issues but the passion is still in every thing I do (including the rants). 👀

I played everything how I was supposed to

I did everything I was supposed to in society and look where it fucking got me 👀

I have a college degree but the recession has gone on longer than the Great Depression did, and I remember specific conversations my grandmother told me about living through that experience.

So if you’re out there supporting me financially, I appreciate you even more.

Dying (maybe) but not giving up or quitting.

And I’ve been writing like mad, and am working on a draft for my Patreon rewards for the month of May!!! Y’all have stuck with me and I appreciate you so much! Your support paid my domain operating fees this month too and I am grateful ! Thank you!!

Writing has always been my dream and my passion, this is what I’ve always wanted to do! Along with guitar, music, and acting but my stage fright has proved challenging over the years (and my brain injury).

I do have a few public post on my Patreon and you can follow for free and get those free rewards when I post public content! I drop poems from time to time (poetry that hasn’t been posted anywhere else).


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I started my campaign in 2020 and grateful for my patrons!!! 💖

I really appreciate that you let me focus on my art instead of being a socialite (I’ve never been one of those).

I don’t actually do good around people.

And I’ve always been very intuitive and to know things before they happen.

“But what’s really going to boggle your noodle later is would you have even broken it if I hadn’t of said anything“ 👀

And that my friends is the only answer I need to know in life.

Bedridden 💔

Been trying to get things done in my house because they’re coming to steam clean my carpet and I’ll be damned if activity doesn’t make my heart hurt.

Am I supposed to just keel over and die on the street now?

I’m fighting too hard for this life? 🤔

I know I owe you content 👀

I wanted to do more than “oh look a photo of me naked“ 👀

I’m always cold now 👀

“Tiredness” errrr extreme lethargy – literally have spent most days IN my bed under a heating pad

And the pain that was starting to go away I can feel consistently now because I’m fucking doing shit and pushing myself

All I want to focus on is my writing and my art

But all I seem to focus on is my broken fucking heart 💔


“Increasing its surveillance”

“Increasing its surveillance” – now we’re getting down to the bread and butter of this thang since we have moved into a Hitler state with the “Bush signing statements”

It means 1984 is now, I’m not allowed a fucking personality, information control, where is my freedom of speech???? It’s gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This pandemic was manmade to control the population – So Big Pharma could get the money back they lost when weed went legal – or many became “anti vacinners” and they’re creating fear and then swinging in with blankets covered in Smallpox! 👀

Go ahead and unfollow me!

Go ahead and crucify me!

I’m not gonna shut the fuck up!!!

My war is with the 1%. If you continue protecting this madness, I will see you as the enemy.

This is not the time to be picking war with me 👀

And don’t even get me started about India being responsible for that fucking variant

What don’t they have their hands in?

Asking for friend 👀

(And Biden is puppet – I warned you – But you were more interested in how cool it made you look to vote for a certain party so you could get laid. Right?) 🙄

And today I don’t know if I forgive you

You don’t get to help me and ghost me too


My newest TiKTok is now my most viewed (in under 24 hours too)!

My newest TikTok went number one on my channel! 👀

Over 700 views in under 24 hours 👀

I am shook (I wasn’t expecting this at all)

(I was prepared for it to flop)

But thanks for making it my number one watched TikTok! 🥳


It’s a mood


My new TikTok is getting some views! It got a few likes too! I was just messing around trying to learn some new tricks (that everyone else makes it look so easy) cuz I wanna make some more! I wasn’t expecting it to get past 50 views or even any likes. But it has! Cool, thanks for watching!


Vaccines causing heart problems 👇👇👇

Don’t say I didn’t warn yah

(And the CDC is gaslighting the truth)

Compliance is easier than knocking down the doors and cheaper too

(Moderna caused me heart problems)

Do you fucking believe me now?

Or do I need to die first?

Or, you need to read it in an article?

Americans be woke

My blog is blowing up


Yo listen up

You don’t need any courage – I got that 💪

My issue is with the system – and the NWO / 1% / Illuminati

The world could fall apart and nuclear fallout could go on and I’d have my fucking uniform on and be starting up the army so it’s cool man because I am 1000% dedicated to being the soldier I was trained to be and wanted to be

That vet that was behind me that was old-school army going off about the masks not working, man I had to step back and get into his bubble to understand his worldview

“You know something’s wrong / you felt it all of your life / you didn’t know what it was”

The Matrix is actually a REAL story


“Most of the people are still plugged into the system and they don’t want out”

“Some if them can’t handle the truth, their mind breaks”

“What truth”

“That you are a slave, Neo”

“Born into bondage”

The great fucking pyramid scheme

That goddamn triangle is the illuminati’s favorite fucking symbol too isn’t it

Everything they’re doing to us is to keep us distracted from what’s really going on

We definitely moved into a Hitler state with the “bush signing statements” over here in America because now big bro isn’t even allowing people to post fucking comments now I’m going to peoples newsfeeds and there are things being literally hidden and not shown others have fact checkers on them and I mean it’s information control and I do not like the future we are moving into this is not where I wanna be

If you wanna know how to be able to live in peace and harmony you need to watch the film “Thrive” and it came out several years ago now

I mean it touches base on aliens and all kinds of stuff if you can get past like the first half hour or so the ending is fucking phenomenal man and it shows you how we could be living and that’s the life I want for us

Hope you make me your movement in the future for a revolution

I want my name next to the enlightened ones like Jesus Christ and Jim Morrison

Martin Luther King and Michael Jackson


Who else has openly spoke out against the Illuminati?

“You’re all a bunch of fucking slaves! What are you gonna do about it?” – Jim Morrison


Keep numbing yourself with liquor and TV

But I’m gonna go down fighting


In my bed – like Michael Jackson

“Everybody gone mad”

And he couldn’t escape the illuminati no more than Britney Spears can

Free Britney!!!

Everybody be on her Instagram, “Why is she telling us this was posted 20 minutes ago, does she need help?”

She’s not working right now

I stand with my girl!

Stop picking on her!

Phew what else 🤔

I don’t know if y’all can handle anymore fucking unplugging information tonight can you?

Red pill or blue pill?

You wanna see how far the rabbit hole really goes?

And I’m not joking about Apophis – you should be slightly concerned about the 2066 fly-by.

That’s the one that’s got the scientist worried because they miscalculated


And they have some new way of measuring the distances and now they are more accurate

I think the scientists are now going to start playing bowling with astroids and potentially could make something be even more catastrophic and worse than like the million mink that they fucking slayed over in Denmark over Covid – they just get free will to do whatever the fuck they want while we are fucking slaves huh

And yeah, most people are born, brainwashed very young to believe something- we’re literally peer pressured and gaslit over religion!

Keep you in emotional chains and tell you that lust is bad and then the same fucking entity that makes the Internet and shit will toss porn in your fucking face and take your money there too

And then they make you feel guilty about that so you go to church and you pay them fucking money so that they can build more fucking statues and drink out of their golden chalices you believe these fucking fairytales

Or what you get burned at the stake if you don’t – fucking crucified – yeah fear is definitely fucking bred – and schools teach their bullshit propaganda

You still have a chance to become a good person


Storms take on the form of a spiral
Like a liar
Your energy
It must be viral
I’m running circles
An endless cycle

© Delia Ross. 2021

Was just having a bath thinking how water must be similar to a black hole and vice versa – The Fibonacci sequence – galaxies – how storm clouds on Earth are the same as a gas giant like Jupiter- it’s the same patterns and makeup. Snails. Biology. Poem. 🤓

It’s hard for me to even understand the concept of a black hole but I’m trying to with water.

It drains


So do galaxies.

Where does all that gas stuff go?

The multiverse?

Because I’m believing more and more in a multi-verse than a big bang.

I’ve only just now understood that Jupiter is two times farther away from us than the sun, which is why it looks so tiny.

I thought Jupiter was just smaller but I knew it was far away I just didn’t realize it was that far away


So what they gonna do when they reach another galaxy?

Give them a bible and start the same routine? Burning people at the stake for not believing?

Fear, it’s molecular now innit.


They called Mary Magdalene a whore too and tried to erase her from the books, sound familiar?

Medical update

I’ve been writing like hellfire but first

My heart is feeling better – as far as the constant throbbing pain goes

The extreme lethargy has not gone away

I still don’t like the taste of food unless it’s junk

There’s this weird metallic taste in my mouth

There’s this taste like my brain chemicals have been messed with


I’m still having chest pain

It’s not as scary bad

Like maybe that heating pad actually has been helping – plus time

I’ve never been so tired in my life

I actually felt my body sweat for the first time today but you know being called a cheap whore doesn’t fucking help the stress

It’s nice to actually feel my feet and armpits get warm


I don’t really like eating food anymore but I’ve been forcing myself to eat

I’m starting to learn that there’s a lot of things I don’t actually like anymore

Like how people use art to harm

Like how banks hide criminal activity

But if I told my doctor I wanted to fucking kill myself they would fucking take me away

Not just any doctor but my fucking therapist- the one person that I should be able to tell anything too – but yet a banker and like anybody can get away with anything – Like moving large lumps of cash but yet my bank will freeze my fucking debit card if I try to spend anything over $500 or $200 -whatever it is, I gotta call and get approval to spend my own goddamn money because it’s been declined and that is embarrassing – wtf

But these bankers and criminals get special treatment?


Wait – Nothing against you wanting a sex change operation but menthol cigarettes are now banned by the FDA


Biden wants to nuke Russia

He’s such a good little puppet (I forgive you for voting for him I think)

All the Hollywood anti Russia propaganda

Mark fucking Burgess is still alive



Oh wait, medical update right 👀

I don’t like how tired I feel all the time

I have three test pending being scheduled -all related to my heart – and I was approved for getting community care – which means I don’t have to drive all the way to Lake Nona 76 miles away one way for just one of those test times 3

Now I’m waiting on community care to call me with the appointments and for the VA to approve it- pay for it – all that fucking shit

It’s actually a relief I don’t have to drive to Lake Nona even though it’s a gorgeous hospital because I-4 is like playing Russian roulette 👀

Nobody around here likes the I-4

Avoid I4 at all costs


Interstate Four

I feel a poem coming on

I hateeeeee the I4


I’m not sure where community care will be, it could be New Smyrna Beach, it could be Ormond Beach, it could be Daytona Beach, I don’t know yet, I hope it will be in my city Daytona Beach.

I don’t think anybody really knows what the fuck they’re doing anymore

I mean there are a few people out there who are really into their job and they’re really good and occasionally you run into those really good people and that’s why you wanna fucking support them

I’m praying my doctor never leaves! 🙌

You feels?


I’m 4 weeks in now after dose 2 (I think) But she told me recently at my appointment that the signs and symptoms I’m having can go on for weeks (I believe she said 6 to 8 or longer)

I’m ready to ride my bike

Be active again



But I’m so tired I can barely keep my eyes open

The last couple times I tried to push myself a little bit around the house my heart started hurting worse

I really don’t wanna die over this

So even tho the pain has lessened – and even my anxiety a little – I’m still having other symptoms.

I’m not on vaca

I’ve done a lot of crying over this because it’s been very very scary


I’m still begging my kid not to get it

And now I’m reminding my kid that their dead daddy was an anti-vacciner, so now I’m playing that fucking card


And like most kids these days (and adults) we live on pizza, tacos, sugar, and salt. It’s literally clogging our arteries – And then you’re going to inject yourself with a vaccine that causes blood clots (well the CDC have at least admitted that it causes blood clots in one – but you know it does in the others too – come on – don’t be fucking stupid y’all. If it does in one (that’s only 80% effective, imagine what the 94% effective one does) 👀

Well I had my doctor look into it and she actually said that what I’m going through is Covid related and I’ve only been experiencing Covid related issues since my body was injected with the Covid fucking vaccinations. Yay? Sound on?

So – You eat shit that clogs your arteries and then you’re going to inject yourself with a vaccine that causes blood clots and then you’re going to go in annually to get your booster shots? 👀

The CDC need to list the rare side effects on the website. Be transparent! Like you force Big Pharma to do!

This vaccine is a prime example of peer pressure


This vaccine nearly wiped me out and I don’t want my fucking kid to get it ever but they have their own body to make their choices for and their own household to run


I’m not saying you shouldn’t get the vaccine but the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree so I definitely want my kid to stay away from it

I can’t enforce it

And I still believe that they will enforce it by making vaccination records mandatory in order to enter certain areas

I know for a fact they will enforce it on all militia

Yeah I had a choice right now 👀

That four page article I read by the CNN about the native American Indians really pulled on my heartstrings though they really fucking got me


I will never be getting any booster shots- even if they enforce it, they will have to hold me down

So there’s pressure in my chest (Some sort of tear or pull in my muscle – which is my heart)

I’ve been taking it easy.

My only agenda is to get better and survive this.

I told my kid, please just wear their mask, wash their hands. I swore by the CDC! 😑

The CDC were my bible.


People have died from these vaccinations and the CDC need to be transparent about the rare side effects that are going on.

I’m certain my doctor is reporting to the right channels.

Overall, I’m feeling better than I felt a few nights ago, I wasn’t as hopeful

The pain has lessened – not diminished

I still have extreme lethargy, issues with my sense of smell and taste (which will effect your mood and will to eat stuff that just taste bland and off).

I’ve been eating a shit ton of cashews and walnuts, pecans, pistachios, and all the healthy nuts basically

Food doesn’t taste the same. Pizza didn’t change so much. Candy bars, sweet and salty the tongue can distinguish

But like why does everything else taste like more food I’ve just cooked and wasted

I’ve barely been cooking because just doing normal duties around the house have proven challenging but even frozen stuff or canned food is going to waste!

My heart just needs rest like it’s never needed it before

And less stressors going off

Jesus didn’t like how the world was either, bless his heart ❤️

I don’t like where the future is headed but I need to put that in a poem so I wanna get offline now

I’m attempting to get a cosplay set done

And it’s not that I don’t wanna!

I’m exhausted! 😑

So it may be just a little set for now 😑

And people are already anxious for me to launch my new OF but it’s coming – you just have to have a little bit of patience. I need to get caught up on my campaigns first.

I probably shouldn’t of gave the secret away too soon!

My heart actually physically hurts – even tho not as bad – activity does make it worse.

I miss working out! I had finally found my grove!

Thanks for having patience with me!

I’ve been writing poetry and I will get it posted soonish!

I just needed to get shit off my chest!

I’ve had a hard time editing and stuff lately so if you notice more spelling mistakes than normal, it’s probably the lethargy.

Having a brain injury doesn’t help.

Neo: “Why do my eyes hurt?”

Morpheus: “Because you’ve never used them before. Get some rest…”


I have been unplugging a lot today. I wonder if anyone else unplugged?

Or do your eyes still hurt?

If you call for me, I will come. 💪

(But at some point Neo had to help Trinity cuz she had some heart issues too)

(Everyone falls)

(I just want someone to be there and love me when I do)

(Or in the fantasy world, inside the Matrix)

(This nightmare we’re all in)

(Thank you Asia)

(Or India)

*laughs insanely*

(I don’t need anything fancy when I die just toss me in a hole don’t take out my blood don’t take out my organs fuck whatever they came up with because they ruined the afterlife that’s not what it supposed to be about I want to take 10,000 years to fucking deteriorate OK). You can’t have my blood, my organs, nothing when I die!!! Put me in the earth!!!!!!! Why is that illegal? Why am I forced to spend money on stufff!!!!!!!!!!! I’m sick of money and stuff!!! I want something real!!!!!! I want love!!!!!! You can’t have me when I die!!!!!! Put me in the earth!

I am made of the earth and the moon and the stars and I don’t want you taking out my life force and pumping me full of your fucking chemicals when I’m dead

I don’t want your fucking chemicals while I’m alive

I bathe with vegan products most of the time – and more often than not just prefer the water!!! You don’t need all that stuff!!!!


(Please don’t hate me)

“If the world hates you, remember that it hated me first” – Jesus Christ

“Now you’re selling your body on the cheap” 👀

Oh my fucking God, stop the press, I’ve been called a whore again. 👀

He’s mad at me and now using that disgusting piece of shit ex of mine as a bomb to hurt me *rolls eyes* 🙄

Mark did scam me out of a lot of things, but my real love and heart he never got. He kept my pussy dry literally. Keep reading on to learn more 👀

(I went no contact from Mark – he posted on my blog when he got back with one of his exes, I didn’t go to The Chameleons blog – he came to mine. He’s a narcissist and I’d gone no contact but he was desperate for me to know – he’s desperate for me to love him. I don’t. I can’t stand Mark Burgess. He’s the plague and I want NOTHING to do with him. He never pays taxes, he lives rent free off the women he abuses. He’s a scumbag and writing music doesn’t give you the right to do the monstrous things he has done and continues to do. He’s a menace and needs burned at the stake, along with all the books and music. Erased from history is the only ending he deserves. Of course, he leads everyone to believe that the women are the problem even tho it’s the women running from HIM. And he moves from one relationship to the next. Claims true love every time. He taste like death. 🤮🤮🤮

I did a runner from Mark Burgess because he is the plague and you should stay far the fuck away from him.

I don’t like or love him.

I couldn’t even get sexually off from him

I couldn’t even get wet down there 😑

I don’t like Mark Burgess

I don’t love Mark Burgess

And you don’t get to act like you’re my best friend and then turn around and call me a whore just because I have a political fucking opinion about what’s going on in the world and I actually have a right to say something about what’s going on in the world because I’ve actually served my fucking country you piece of shit

Look at all this charming smooth talk via PM tho. You always wanted me to chat with yah, never did/would tho. Hell, you invited me into your home and offered to pay for my hotel.

But now publicly suddenly I am one of the worst things ever and a whore and I’m selling my body on the cheap




I never did give him what he wanted though- my time or my friendship and now look at him calling me a whore 👀 from inviting me and paying for my hotel to calling me a fucking whore 👀

He says I think the world owes me everything and I’m selling my body “on the cheap”


But he was just inviting to pay for my fucking hotel room


Now I’m a whore and he’s siding with that piece of shit Mark 👀

I am called a whore / you’d give me your dinner?

For the record, I don’t need anyone paying my hotel bills when I travel, I do that on my own.

I normally stay with my best friend who is a female – I’ve visited her in England twice staying with her 2 weeks on each visit.

I also helped with food and the electric and left her some moneyzzz cuz I’m not a complete bum.

She did not ask me to do this. Flights anywhere are expensive – and I’m happy to stay with my REAL FRIENDS when I visit if they invite me.

I’m not rich nor ever have been.

I was not born with a silver spoon.

I’ve always had to work 3 jobs to make ends meet.

I do not feel bad or guilty for stripping to eat or pay my bills.

You don’t get to invite me into your life and then call me a whore after and not get sandblasted.

He was always denied tho – as you can see – I don’t talk to anyone.

Prime example why

They all want to fuck me for free

Yet I’m called cheap


Yea, I’m the problem clearly

Fuck off now

Run back to Mark Burgess

You’re both twats

Stop acting like you don’t have a porn addiction or that you are all holy and can call me your friend and then a “whore” (but only after you offered to pay for my hotel – I wasn’t a whore when you were offering to pay for my visit)

Never even had the desire to meet you – let alone for you to pay for my hotel.

“Whore” yup m’kay why? Because I do cosplay? Because I take off my clothes now during a pandemic because I’m disabled and need to pay my bills and we are in a RECESSION?

Because I blew through my life savings trying to stay afloat?

Because the jobs I was working paid under minimum wage and I have a college degree but can’t find work in my field due to the recession/furloughs/hiring freezes?

And those minimum wage jobs are taxed like hell and barely support cost of living (COLA) which is why people work multiple jobs to stay afloat?

Because they can’t save one fucking penny to get ahead.

Because nobody wants to actually support me or my dreams because they all want to “be my friend” so they can fuck me?

When I don’t want to fuck anybody –

Because I want to make babies with the love of my life and he recently bought me pizza?

Because I’m not actually a whore and there’s nothing wrong with sex workers.

I don’t actually “sell my body” 🧐

I don’t think anyone can actually “sell their body”. 🤔

If you mean “perform sex acts”, that isn’t anything I’m actually doing.

It’s called burlesque but I’m not very good.

I like to cosplay and roleplay tho cuz being an actor was always my dream, I still audition for parts (even reality TV shows), and I love getting to play dressup cuz I was always a Soldier/tomboy.

I don’t think what I am doing is sinful.

I’m trying to understand who I am as a human and a woman.

Not the part or role that everyone else wants me to play.

What I’m doing now is what I’ve always wanted to do.

Writing, photography, cosplay, guitar, it’s my thang.

The feedback I’ve been getting on my OnlyFans has improved my overall health and mental status / self-esteem.

I would say the feedback I have received has been priceless to my growth as a human and an artist.

There’s a lot of value on my OnlyFans and I’m trying to get better at my cosplay and my photography and I think it shows.

I appreciate your good feedback, your comments, likes, tips, gifts and subscriptions!

I also GREATLY appreciate the support on my Patreon as well!

You make this whore happy.


Just keeping it real

And these aren’t the only jobs I’ve had since 2017 that I’ve seen and worked with my own eyes and dealt with management who didn’t give a fuck about our traditions or holidays

My god they drove nice cars though

they had nice everything

they always do

they have the nicest stuff don’t they

Fucking India 👀

Money is the root of all evil

The system is rigged and my sites are on India


Let me know if the next spam account that bothers you are from India

Maybe we do need to put a wall up


I know mine is made of fucking rust proof iron

Is that why you want to steal it?

You’re going to erect another huge temple and say it is for God?

Are you going to keep pushing porn and religion on us to make us feel guilty so you can take all our fucking money?

You even make money out of dying

It used to be ritualistic


Now it’s all about money and that’s all a human being is about from the time they are born and given a fucking Social Security number until they fucking die and even then you’re still taking their money

money they no longer have from the family that is still alive aren’t you because you’re fucking vapid aren’t you


You’re still not making the fucking connection are you

Money originated in Asia

If it is spam related there’s a good chance India is involved

How many jobs have you had where you were worked to death – very little pay raises – rarely any breaks – yet – the owners and management and “uppers” are all you know from gasp *India*

That’s why they don’t give a fuck about our traditions or holidays and we’re always fucking working

The management is not working

They are sitting around a big fancy table with golden chalices and fancy curtains lined in gold


They do come over here and take our goddamn jobs they do and they’re responsible for all the fucking spam pay me promotion accounts or anything trying to spam you for that matter

the emails that you get that are trying to spam you fucking India


Banks need transparency

Banks need to be transparent

If my therapist has to report to the law that I’m a threat to society or myself – then banks should report when people are doing illegal activity with fucking money


Also, what does India not have their hands in?

99.9% of all spam things I run into are India related

Change my mind


Every god damn spam promotion pay account spamming me has been from India

Those tit for tat poetry things



Scientist playing God – a checkmate for the NWO again 👀

Saw this floating around FaceDump

Here’s an actual link to the article from 2017

People in the comments were asking for the source

I quickly Googled the title 👀



I’m so isolated and shut off from the world that the maintenance dude said he was worried about me when I didn’t answer the door 👀

I actually thanked him because there’s no one checking in on me 👀

Just because I write doesn’t mean I small talk or gossip

I am not a socialite

I am a Soldier (not a civilian)

I am an introvert

I don’t like the state of anything in the world

I’m unhinged

I can’t even go buy an egg sandwich or a Coke in the can at the goddamn gas station without getting into fucking World War III because everybody wants to make $20 an an hour with a three dollar attitude and terrible work ethic

I was making over $25 an hour for nearly 8 years with the DOD but I sank with the financial fucking recession and the government hiring freezes and the government furloughs but you don’t give a fuck about that do you?

You don’t give a fuck that I had to eat up my life savings and my retirement savings just to get through this fucking pandemic!

You don’t give a fuck about that do you? Cause I didn’t buy your fucking book or I don’t act like your best fucking friend!

There are many books and CDs I would actually like to buy I just can’t at the moment because I live paycheck to paycheck and every fucking dollar goes to paying my main cost of living which I’m barely doing – I’m living under my means, but you don’t give a fuck about that do you cause I’m not tit for tat!

Fake fake fake!!!!!!!

I’m not dying on the street!!!

(My therapist is calling me today finally – they’ve been trying to reach me for a long time) 👀

I get to let my doctor know that I stopped disassociating for 5 minutes to check the news, and now I’m more disengaged and paranoid. 👀

I get to let him know that I almost had World War III with the gas station clerk. 👀

There’s something seriously wrong with the world 👀

Feel free to blame me – as long as I get to stay away

Put me back in my foxhole!!!! 👀

Give me my M16A2 rifle! 👀

I am still a Soldier! 👀

*Realizes she’s stuck on the Titanic because all the rich people have locked her on the bottom of the Titanic and now they’re hanging out on boats that could’ve had more people watching me sink*


The reason I don’t check in on people is because I don’t have the social abilities to communicate currently. 👀

And the rare few people that I do decide to check in on, 98% of them give me a fucking attitude in return.

Because narcissism


And I refuse to be manipulated or controlled by you and you’re fucking everywhere aren’t you


I’m damned if I do and I’m damned if I don’t so I just want to be alone 👀

And I don’t wanna get to know you because you just want to ask for me for free nudes


Or my hand in marriage 👀

I’m not interested in you 👀

I’m wholly obsessed with 2 dudes and I have never once talked to my therapist about that sort of behavior 👀

They don’t want anything to do with me 👀

But I’m like Bush how he was with Congress when they passed shit into law and Bush said I don’t care and then he did all those “signing statements” because voting means absolutely fucking nothing and you and I no longer have rights because we’ve moved into a fucking Hitler state hello hello hello


If money is the root of all evil, then banks need to be transparent and thus people where they spend and invest their money

And remove money from religion and politics which are the same entity

It’s one extreme or the other


End times

So Denmark is playing Hitler with Mink

China has banned Bitcoin currency

Biden has his finger on the nuke button and is blaming Russia for the pipeline hack even though no evidence points to Russia

And the pipeline hack was paid in Bitcoin

*turns off news*

*schedules appointment with therapist*

*goes back to disassociating*

(The end isn’t going to happen overnight, it’s gonna be a long slow tedious process)

Apophis is on its way way


China banned Bitcoin

*laughs insanely*

“Everybody gone mad”

“Everybody dog food”

3% of currency circulating is only actually physical tangible currency that you can put your hands on, the rest is fucking digital!

And I’m speaking about the US fucking dollar, not Bitcoin.

But I’ve just read that China has banned bitcoin and now there’s a lot of people in the world who hates Elon Musk

“You think that’s air you’re breathing now?” 🤔

New Free OnlyFans coming soon! 🥰

So I just sent the OnlyFans team a request on how to get a new free verified account started – I was dead serious about starting one – I’m not going anywhere (even though I can barely do shit at the moment, I do intend a full recovery from this COVID vaccine nightmare) –

I hope you are excited as me about the free account!

It will be FREE but you will have to subscribe to access the lewd (NOT NUDE) content.

This way I no longer get in trouble from Big Bro for not doing anything wrong at all – and maybe I can go back to having an actual personality where I don’t fear everything I post or say or hashtag. 💪

Nor, the erroneous reporting out of spite and jealousy. 🚫

I like having a private club and people want to see more of me and I’ve had several request on several different social sites and now I’ll have a place to direct them to see more (but if they want to see it all, it will require a subscription)! 🙃

Anyway, I’m really excited about starting the process for my new FREE OnlyFans!

I hope you are excited too! 🙌

I have heard your cries!

So I am expanding my doors!

I love you! 💕

As a reminder – I love doing cosplay and role play! I’m gonna keep at this! It’s what I wanted to do since I was a little girl – and I feel really excited about expanding my business, opening my doors (privately) and in a place where I can be as tacky as a fucking want even though I’m actually more classy than I am tacky but whatever

I do specialize in softcore but there’s an art to it and it’s more commonly known as like Kama Sutra or vampirism. 👀

It’s more about sensation and less about desensitizing.


Le vampyre and 1984 is now so it’s time to expand my doors because you’ve asked for more – and I don’t actually like publicly sharing more.

Again, lewds not nudes! You’ll have to be a big boy and pay if you wanna see it all.

But, I can go back to being my kinky seductive flirty vampire self oh my fucking God! I’m super fucking excited and I hope you will consider joining my free OnlyFans!

You asked, I complied! 🤪

Your wish is my command! 🤓

I’m still working on redoing my home studio and master bedroom. I don’t have shit hung anywhere. It looks like I’ve already died and the vultures have been here! 👀

Spring cleaning + reorganizing + downsizing = nightmare 🤪

Especially when you have no design skills at all and everything you currently have is a mix-mash of wtfisgoingon 😩

And then add some sort of glitch that makes it hard for you to let anything go even though you don’t even fucking want it


I don’t know why I’m holding onto all this shit and it’s gonna come out into a poem at some point 😷


You changed me
When your photons
Interrupted my guile
And replaced my wrongdoings
With an infinite smile

© Delia Ross. 2021 / @poeeternal

75K poetry! 😻

Thank you for your light! 😻

I am a particle detector! 😻

Did you know that your photons, your light, will travel on through the universe forever?

Just like my love for you.

I love you forever!

CDC And FDA Trusted By Only Half Of Americans : NPR

A new Harvard poll shows that only half of Americans trust the CDC — other health agencies were rated even lower. During a pandemic, trust is critical to the success of a public health response.
— Read on

Not very shocking that half of Americans think the CDC is full of shit. 👀

You can now include me in that list.

And also

Thank you for the love on my latest Instagram post!

If anything I do garners more than 30 views, I’m okay with it –

Because I can’t even perform in front of one person


I have THE WORST stage frights 👀

I forget lines

I forget the fact that I even have a personality


So thank you for your visits on my Instagram too.

75k 😍

But it just hit 75,000

I blinked and missed it hitting 75K and now it’s nearly had another 1k views and is at light-speeds racing towards 100,000 visits to my blog

In a blink of an eye 👀

It means something to me

All of this –

All of this mess I bleed forth daily

I would’ve already been dead on the street if it wasn’t for you – visiting my blog


Not an organ donor 🙌

Why do I turn into Sagittarius A* when I see other girls flirting with you?

I don’t think telling you I turn into a black hole in the center of our Milky Way galaxy is an accurate enough description on how it makes me feel when I see other girls flirting with you


Big Pharma doesn’t have a pill for my kind of obsession


Also when I look at a galaxy it looks like a bunch of paint that’s being drained down a tub, so all that stuff is going somewhere and likely the same place we go when we die, so I don’t want my energy being messed with in any shape, form, or fashion when I die.

Do not drain the blood from my body, do not pump my body full of chemicals, do not remove my organs, just put me in a fucking box and put me somewhere and let me take 10,000 years to deteriorate, yeah?


Because I never thought having a grave to crawl into would be something that I would have to worry about but it is.

I want a grave to crawl the fuck into and I don’t want my body being messed with when I die. I don’t want my hair being touched, I don’t want my skin being touched, don’t fucking touch me, don’t fucking touch me, just put me in a fucking box.


I wanna dissolve at an incredibly slow rate. Because blood is the sun and bones are the Earth.


You can’t have my organs when I die, I am a selfish motherfucker and I am not an organ donor.



Let me rot in peace, without any manmade chemicals inside me to “preserve me”.

Don’t fucking preserve me.


(Unless for science to clone me or bring me back digitally).


On Fire

I love the way you come
Like a fire hose gushing
To your will I succumb


The body that has frightened AND terrified many many men 👀


(and I still have that bruise on my thigh) 👀

This post might self-destruct because I am modest and shy about my body

More on my OnlyFans and 50% off the price of any subscription package currently for a limited time!


Wake up

Your education is just another word for programming


Everything you have been taught is a lie


We are not the only life that has evolved in the galaxy


Addiction is bred


Free yourself


Free your mind, wake up


Red pill or blue pill?


Blue for me all the way


(I’m that program in the matrix doing what it’s not supposed to be doing)


(Listen to me before they permanently ban me from all Internet)


Or before you see me on the top o’clock news for going rogue


It must be extremely difficult to get to the 1% but that’s what we need for this revolution


We gotta jump together


No more unplugging one by one


Now is the time before Biden touches that goddamn button and we have nuclear fallout or before Apophis is here


Or Stuxnet or the other current pipeline hack disaster


My time is running out


Not all of you are remorseless monsters – some of you are still worth saving


Helps. Angel in Hell

2000 5000 the numbers accrue

I’ll go through every avatar looking for you


Like a needle in a haystack

I’ve come unglued


And what should I do with this profound piece of information should I find you still lurking there?

Only die another forsaken death?


And then go stalk your real life profiles and wish somebody loved me the same?

And then cry more deaths because I don’t get the fantasy or the real life.


Peacocks and tiny peaches also require nurturing or dies


bb don’t wanna die on no street


bb don’t wanna die in hospital either and she made that clear to her doctor


bb has peach out cuz this is what bb do now


bb not allowed to talk about it


bb not allowed an identity anywhere


bb been shadowbanned


*dies on street*


Religion and porn and NASA it’s all the same entity

big brother the government it’s all the same entity


Petite but…

Petite but I added 6 inches to my silhouette 🤪

And hopefully I feel better soon but I’m not better yet and these things are hard and heavy to walk in (definitely not “light walking”) 👀

I can’t wait to use these in cosplay sets!

I can’t wait to learn to walk in them!

I’ll be glad to get back to fitness and rebounding tho!


When you’re trying to explain what’s happening to your body after receiving COVID vaccines and someone replies, “well I didn’t read that on the CDC website…”

Me: 👇

Delia’s gone / one more round / Delia’s gone

Johnny Cash wrote me a god damn warning


Welp. I for sure ain’t getting no booster shots.

Mr. Blu

Do you know I still go searching for you in the thickest parts of depravity?

I enter hell knowing I have no control over gravity.

I look where I fell and I’m bleeding everywhere, this is reality

So does being invisible clear up opacity?

Because, it’s still not very clear if you have love for me?


-copyright- me @poeeternal

Why do I even write these?

He likely doesn’t even read them

He has fams

Who the fuck am I?

My fucking therapist can’t even figure that shit out


He just listens and writes prescriptions, got a many


(He sheeple plugged into system playing the role he was programmed to do)


(But I’m that program doing all the shit it’s not supposed to be doing, that’s why I keep getting in trouble)


Am I like the last living single person on Earth?


Asking for a friend

Why do I even do the shit I do it’s fucking crazy 👀

You got a single brother?


Do they do mail-order husbands?

Asking for a friend (again)


The Storm

I am in the eye of a storm brewing
My eyes on the horizon of my choosing
Is it an enemy or a friend I am losing
Torn pages from books I am removing
Broken bottles every avenue I’m now strewing

I wrote the fucking thing but someone else is just going to steal it and then all of their followers are going to leave them the most amazing comments like they’re the best writer ever in the world and they’re gonna all buy each other’s books and support each other 👀

It’s basically the blues and if my daddy would have wanted to love me instead of fuck me I’d probably be playing the harp right now like David Gilmour’s daughter is doing

Not all daddy’s are bad

The grass IS greener



But God is also in a band called Pink Floyd


And he sold all his guitars and it’s basically the end of the world


I’m not wrong


“Everybody dog food” Michael Jackson

“All I want to say is they don’t really care about us”

Michael Jackson on the Illuminati


“Everybody dog food”

“Everybody gone mad”

“They can’t kill me”

(They did tho didn’t they, they killed him)


And banned this song? 👀

“I can’t believe this is the land from which I came” 👀

Oh MJ…

My hero and my first crush

I’m awake with you

And nearly dead


I watched a conference where Michael Jackson was talking about how he wrote this song and that it was about the illuminati and how they don’t really care about us…


The song 👇👇👇

Vaccines do cause rare side effects: list them on the CDC website! Be transparent!

Why isn’t the CDC listing the rare side effects these vaccines are causing

The public should be informed and the rare side effects should be included, including rare deaths

Because these vaccines have killed almost 2000 people so far

Have you ever ripped a fucking hole in your heart?

Because I’m having physical pains in my heart and my EKG is showing signs of distress


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