Over Bid

I told him I loved him and then I failed to exist....


Call me crazy but my heart says he loves me

Barely Coping

Mostly moping, barely coping

Home 2.0

His madness has driven me mad


He keeps chasing his tail, he has no self-worth


OMFG freshly wrote this AM for you. A poem + convo + lesson


Letting go is so hard. I can't. I love him. I shouldn't but I do... 😦


The cost of mistakes, the price of reason


A poem about the devil in hell or about depression. Depression IS hell.


OLD PHOTO, NEW POEM! 'DETAINED' by @poeeternal He makes me want to sin But it'd be heaven I contend The way his words move under my skin I'd fall for him again and again I once made my amend While feeling silence closing in If only there were more moments to spend Would he care … Continue reading DETAINED