Over Bid

I lost everything; my home, my child, my mind
I haven’t found a thing; love, divinity, the kind

I move mountains just by passing time
I grow streams by crying from my eye

I gave it all; my soul, my love, my grind
I received penalties for giving while still blind

I told him my truth but with all cost
I was already dead, before I was lost
She knew the path that she crossed
Circling me will cover you in frost

You know the evil thing you did
You and her are plagues among the grid
Now love is something God will forbid 
And when it comes to love I over bid

© Delia Ross. 2020

Just a weird freestyle y’all, I love the fuck out of him, but you probably can’t tell from this poem… and I’m invisible to him anyway.

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5 thoughts on “Over Bid

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  1. Thank you! I went four days without posting and was starting to feel blocked up. Had to write. This popped out. I just kinda freestyle and go into some sort of writing trance. I think tears were flowing with this one today! I wrote it fresh, just this afternoon! ❤️

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