Hell Will Deliver (poetry)

This is how hell will deliverIn stealth of lightWhere wind will quiverAnd scream to fright This is how he's winnerBetween wrong or rightFitting for sinnerYet strong as knight © Delia Ross. 2021 / @poeeternal

Guard (half poem, half song)

Are you an old guard?Is your heart calloused or hard?Have you forgot who you are?Are you why heaven is charred?Are you an old guard? © Delia Ross. 2021 / @poeeternal It probably sounds better in my head 👀 My newest TikTok has the most hearts out of them all 👀 Not the most views, but... Continue Reading →


Why am I fascinated in the shape that light can make?Is it equilibrium or a reflection of mistake?Is it heading towards chances I can never take?Is this really freedom or a cage I have to break? © Delia Ross. 2021 / @poeeternal

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