An Invitation To Love

Confusion front-and-center but love is the answer...


I love him


She's a pyramid scheme


Poem + digiart

The Truth

A mini love poem + digiart

Between The Lines

These non-rhymes I do are a rare event. Hope you like! πŸ™‚


He loves me not


He falls like icebergs crumbling in the sea

Rose 🌹

She's beauty and danger (a micropoem)

Paper Cuts

Wake me when you're ready

The Garden of Us

A rhyme or cadence (updated with original digiart)


That boy make me burnnnnnnn for him *sigh* (Micropoem + photos)

Body Paint

His words cover me like body paint

World of Darkness

An uplifting micropoem

Like a Big Bang

Like the big bang

The Reason

Some things are worth fighting for

God’s Painting You

God's drawing a painting and it's you before my eyes

The Color Of Sad

Her lips are the color of sad

Christmas Mourning

Christmas mourning freestyle rhyme

Web of Shadows

Aging like oak and bitter like stout


The cold comfort of nothingness


Addicted to love


I don't understand any of it

Rhyme and Curses

Searched decades, found him in hell like a pimp with gals on every arm and he spat at me, his fucking soulmate, said to piss off

Light-years of Love

Freestyle rhyme of infinite love and longing

Unrequited Love on Tuners

Do and don't of love on Tuners, listen free now


He hates me, I hate him. The end.

Destination: Love

Love is where I'm going but it's never where I've been


A poem about spiders, or I don't know, maybe emotional manipulation. My thoughts might be creepy but tis almost Halloween! Cobwebs!

Words Like Bullets

Words fire like bullets


This love was his to cradle


He loves us, he loves us not


Written of and dedicated to my muse, Alex Eb!


I'll take the middle of try; that's where you are.

The Trouble With Forever

Commitment issues are his running shoes

Mirage 2.0

I love being just a number to the artist who inspire me....

Writings On My Wall

Stuffs. Micropoetry mostly. Writings I hadn't intended to share. Trashy treasures.

50 Word Short Story Poetry

A short story / 50 word poem *Possible trigger warning*

Remember Me

How many ways can I color, "I love you"?


Some micropoetry I hadn't intended to share but now I am sharing anyway because, rebel.


His indecision is final / I am the Goddess of Confusion


I hope he finds happiness and I'll always be there for him


Oh my fucking goddddd, another day, of my two favorite things

Angel Falls

The trials that make us grow, and the forgiveness that cocoons. Though maybe nothing special, it's one of my favorite writings yet.


Freestyle midday rhyme about depression and love

Unknown Soldier

Don't take for granted the people in your life because they could be gone at any moment


A poem about triangulation. There'd be zero issues if they were "just friends". But they're not, and he doesn't love her but she's got her hooks in him anyway fully knowing she's keeping him from TRUE LOVE or any real chance of HAPPINESS


He is a man of steel that I burn for


A micropoem about regret and anger


If you lay down your arms, I will lay down my pride.


A love poem that would like to be a song + a crappy snap of me


A feel good happy rhyme


It's possible he's the best antidepressant in the universe.




The beauty of language it evolves but so does my love for him.

Darkness Falls

A poem about dark hearts


I hope he is happy and I hope she knows how lucky she is


I'd wait for you forever but I need you now, tomorrow, forever, in any way but this way.


Love is an illusion. Give me love or give me death.


Perhaps if I had just lied about my feelings for him he'd still be here...

You’re Everything

Another melody from my head... No in between, you're everything

Tree of Life

Let's carve our names in our tree! πŸ™‚ A poem about togetherness and separation. And how badly I crave his garden. (If you're reading this, I love you if you didn't already know).

A Song For The Heart

A song I am writing on my guitar! An ode to our love. Or the love we never came to have. The love that perhaps exists in an alternative universe, where we are together. I love you forever. Now we have our song.

Age of Reason

I'm starting to believe them when they say "ignorance is bliss"... knowing things suck! This poem was written in freestyle, I like giving myself the freedom to flow. Age of reason, no doubt!!


The cost of mistakes, the price of reason


Some edges are sharp, some ledges are steep. (Lyrics for a song that doesn't exist. I never know if I should share my songs but I've actually had people turn my poems into songs).


They always want the young silver instead of the rare gold.


I have enough love for his entire lifespan


I need him


If we can't see it, we can feel it. If we see it, it changes us. We don't change it but it changes us.

I don’t know what it is so it doesn’t have a name; a song without a name

It could be a song, it really wants to be a song *hums* a micropoem or some verses LOL (it doesn't help that I strum a guitar). Oh, it's about mistakes & wrong timings and wrong people and wrong doings (or a song, maybe it's just a song to help with the healing)


Here, here are all the pieces I've donated them to you For you to assemble and mend I've signed all official forms & releases Your package will soon be in view It's stamped and addressed to you my friend Hopefully you can teach me what peace is My heart is now yours to attend to … Continue reading Pieces