Love and Liquor

Tossing out all these dead flowers
Wondering how I lost so many hours
All my fears his soul devours
I wish I had her superpowers

Bonded to insomniac dreams
Getting further lost in the crowd it seems
No matter where he moves light beams
Time is borrowed and never redeems

A number to him and a number to her
My first twenty years it seems were a blur
Chasing adventure with love and liquor
Regret and denial would only occur

I’m sadder now than I ever was before
I’ve healed myself from wounds of your war
Silence a battleground I rather abhor
I don’t even know what I was looking for

© Delia Ross. 2019

Going offline to unwind
My mind is muddy
And should be quarantined
I’m confused and falling a bit behind
I’d appreciate if you’d slow your grind
I’ve already got you off my mind
When I return I’ll be a bit more refined

© Delia Ross. 2019


I’d join your corps
Your lips can be the shore
I’m open to explore

The boat can capsize
Kisses instead of cries
Not many words we’ll vocalize

Are you ready for more
Something you’ve never had before
I want it all plus an encore

Forget that cigarette
We don’t need a corvette
Tho I would go into debt

Held captive under no demand
I’ve never been to his homeland
I heard he even has a band

Days on end I go no sleep
There’s treasures in the ocean deep
If he’s the farmer, we are his sheep

© Delia Ross. 2019

Every Episode

I get lost in the hours escaping on the road
Carrying more weight than what should be towed
Doing all I can to escape my own abode
Drifting and changing every channel that is showed
But you are still in every episode
And it’s really made my mind explode
Maybe you could give me a lighter lode?
I’m certain you have the antidote?
This feels totally out of my control
So maybe before I mispoke
I’d gladly pay you whatever is owed
Can you just ring me on the telephone?
You already know my area code
I’m ready to adjust to any mode

Let’s go!

© Delia Ross. 2019


It can disappear as quickly as it can appear
I won’t even need to yell all clear
It only takes seconds for my heart to veer
I don’t need you in my atmosphere
I won’t even shed a tear
Only the worthy are allowed here
Feel free to harbor all your fear
You’ll soon find it’ll grow more severe
Your happiness fading each year
A bleak existence your only frontier
But I will never reappear
I bid you farewell my dear

© Delia Ross. 2019