A poem about triangulation. There'd be zero issues if they were "just friends". But they're not, and he doesn't love her but she's got her hooks in him anyway fully knowing she's keeping him from TRUE LOVE or any real chance of HAPPINESS

I don’t know what it is so it doesn’t have a name; a song without a name

It could be a song, it really wants to be a song *hums* a micropoem or some verses LOL (it doesn't help that I strum a guitar). Oh, it's about mistakes & wrong timings and wrong people and wrong doings (or a song, maybe it's just a song to help with the healing)


I would never take the spotlight from you I will follow your shadow, I already do If you fall behind, I'll a clear path to get through No obstructions shall impede your view In your honor, I'd erect a statue That's probably something you already knew A shadow always exposes what's true Just look how … Continue reading Shadows