Half Broken Dreams (And Poetry)

Broken thoughts, miniature words, endless sorrow

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Poem + digiart

Carry You

An original song


A poem and rant about sexual harassment

Body Paint

His words cover me like body paint

I See

Cuz he is a multiverse

The Reason

Some things are worth fighting for

Real Life War Stories on Tuners Radio

3 parts up

35K Oh My!

Gratitude + snaps =)

One Hundred Million Miles

He's out of this world... micropoem + digiart


She tried to warn them but they never listen; quick to cast a stone but not on the wrong...

Lu Part 999 (We dream backwards)

The devil is obsessed with me but the feeling isn't mutual. Unrequited love. It all makes sense now. (Freestyle midday demon slay)


I don't have anything because I don't have you


He keeps chasing his tail, he has no self-worth

Back Where We Started

One more thing...

The Answers Are In The Questions (But I’ll Let You Keep Guessing)

Questions and Answers


Potentially, the greatest question I've ever asked. A 10 word poem.


Marooned on love island


A poem about S&M or guitar practice, or unrequited love, whatev...

Dear Bloggers, Please Read

Book publishing recommendation - you're welcome πŸ˜ƒ

In Bloom

Midday non-rhyme micropoem


A deeply sorrowful poem + commentary (with hyperlinks to nerdy stuff I've done)


I see him, I hear him, I feel him like no other.


Goddess of Confusion / A poem + photos (because why not)

One Thing Is Certain

Death or love


A poem about suicide that turned into a convo about suicide awareness + a gig memory & photos

Dead Anyway

All woe is me post halloween


You are priceless and the only thing I want

Love, Sensuality, Devotion

If only he knew how hard I'm trying, how very much he is loved. Love shapes, molds, and changes us into the best versions of ourself.

Perfect Form

"Gimme that cold shoulder like β€œbrrr” I make a snow cone with it, sir" - Alexander Ebert

Bad Feathers

Pulling a feather is like feeling a leather whip across my back. I falter. I repent. I love.


The sins of anger (Or maybe A Visit From Lu Part 8?)


A poem about spiders, or I don't know, maybe emotional manipulation. My thoughts might be creepy but tis almost Halloween! Cobwebs!

What Would Edgar Do?

Dear Poe, I need answers...

A Visit From Lu Part 7

A Visit From Lu Part 7!!!


I might be his druidess but he is stubborn to his own demise


Cast not the first stone... (super late night freestyle remorse/regret)


Tick-tock (a 10 second story)

Exiled (Again)

Fun fact: I have been referred to as "a cub" cuz I never look my age (forever young). The poem suggests I never act my age either and I would concur...

A Visit From Lu Part 4

A Visit From Lu Part 4


Like a fucking yoyo we are but if I wanted a fag, I could pop down to the store...


He loves us, he loves us not


I'll take the middle of try; that's where you are.

A Visit From Lu Part 3

A Visit From Lu Part 3 (new poetry series)

Beginnings in Endings

When hope is a rainbow, where love is a window (I love him my whole soul)

A Visit From Lu Part 2

A Visit From Lu Part 2

A Visit From Lu

A Visit From Lu Parts 1-7! An ongoing, experimental fantasy poetry series / end of the world love saga



Mirage 2.0

I love being just a number to the artist who inspire me....

Writings On My Wall

Stuffs. Micropoetry mostly. Writings I hadn't intended to share. Trashy treasures.


Simply a sweet micro-rhyme.

50 Word Short Story Poetry

A short story / 50 word poem *Possible trigger warning*

Tower of Sorrow

eternal blackness, he's gone


I thought I was just a gatherer but I suppose I am a huntress as well.


You know I don't do this for the likes, right? I keep my blog advert free too. "See the safety from the life you have built, everything where it belongs" (it's a NIN song and worth a listen or ten).


"Hello, I love you won't you tell me your name, hello I love you let me jump in your game"


I need him. Utterly. In every way.


Nothing to be seen, nothing to be sewn


I gift him poetry instead of gold


I needs any and all. GIVEMAH


Oh my fucking goddddd, another day, of my two favorite things

The Kiss

Dreaming of his kiss...

Queen of the Knight

Checkmate, please. A Queen who loves her Knight.

Darkness Falls

A poem about dark hearts


I hope he is happy and I hope she knows how lucky she is


Past relationships do not define me. Old versions of me died. Zero luggage. So much time wasted trying to find love.

Endless Love

Do you guys meditate? This is the equivalent of me sitting in a circle with stone and giving us a journey to travel on... Freshly written this morning, freestyle. It was meant to be a non-rhyme but oh well, a bit seeped out. I hope you like!!!


Where do I put the love?


Love is an illusion. Give me love or give me death.

Seeds of Love

Love starts with ourself but also with each other. We love with the same intensity that we make war. Let's plant more love.


You'll never get close to me.

Weeping Willow

She if often misunderstood for being a storm when she is simply a rainbow after one.

The End

I could face heaven or hell as long as it was with him.


He makes me high. FACT.

Age of Reason

I'm starting to believe them when they say "ignorance is bliss"... knowing things suck! This poem was written in freestyle, I like giving myself the freedom to flow. Age of reason, no doubt!!

Sun and Moon

I cheat on the day with the night. The Sun is chasing the Moon and the Moon is seeking the Sun but the two never meet.


They always want the young silver instead of the rare gold.