Age of Reason

I'm starting to believe them when they say "ignorance is bliss"... knowing things suck! This poem was written in freestyle, I like giving myself the freedom to flow. Age of reason, no doubt!!

Fields of Gratitude

Dark hair brown-eyed boy get to know me There are fields of gratitude to plow The crown of my joy and topic of every story With you anything I'll allow © Delia Ross. 2019

Won’t Bring Him Back (Lyrics)

In these pages he's alive In these words we do survive In these moments nothing but time Memories without a hard drive We get by, we drive, we fly No suffering when amongst a friend But these words won't bring him back again No these words won't bring him back again The days on pages … Continue reading Won’t Bring Him Back (Lyrics)


Every minute peels across my pride Seething into cracks where it may hide His words poison worse than cyanide Just remember his heart already died Unto the moon I do confide A confidant down by the roadside He uses pain like trails to be a guide Reaching him requires more than stride A sign on … Continue reading Cyanide

Double Dose

I always get a double dose I always go back for more No matter the diagnose He's just someone I can't ignore I miss him when he isn't close He'll ask for peace then I uproar I really don't want to impose If only he'd see I have valour © Delia Ross. 2019