Birthday Wishes Not Etcetera etcetera

Today 58 years dead-
And years convincing others you’re alive instead
But I learned what you were after you played with my head
And one thing you never were was thoroughbred
Always promising love but gifting dread
And you wonder why I sit around wishing you bled
But you know how you treated those girls in bed
You were born with a big nose don’t you forget
Lying it’s something you do not regret
Love is just war there will be some bloodshed
Red flags always there for us to assemble and tread
How many girls have you wanted to wed?
Oh but you have 2 divorces under your shed
And you use those stories like they are your pets
War for me was less of a threat
I may have died and now paying my debt
I slept with a devil you might would have guessed
Loving him were my biggest regrets

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