An Invitation To Love

I’ll go, I’ll diverge my eyes
And words, I’ll let them die

Please don’t make me believe your lies
As I do, in this moment, all you give me are cries

Please don’t kill hope with goodbyes
Any further, I can’t predict what survives

I am all out of signs
But I’m on the road still drawing lines
I think our love might be divine
I drink your words like the finest wine

But are they ever really mine?
I bleed for you all the time

Do you even read my rhyme?
I feel as if ours collide

But I’ll really go if you’re so inclined
RSVP reserved or declined?

© Delia Ross. 2020

It’s just a freestyle y’all and I cried all the way through it… my heart is going through some tough stuffs and my fear is he thinks I am swine…

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