Apple vs Android and Big Bro

How long before big bro convinces Apple to allow them to have Facebook installed in the devices as an app you cannot remove like they did for Android?

I had always been a Samsung galaxy gal and now I’m moving into the world of Apple which is like Alice in wonderland for me currently with a brain injury but whatever you can’t uninstall Facebook on android devices if you get the newer phones – it’s part of the phone now and one of the main reasons I went to Apple because big bro has been punishing me on Facebook and Instagram and threatening to ban me from both accounts but then yet I couldn’t remove his app from my fucking phone…

Is that like reason enough to go mad and die in the streets?

Yeah probably

But I ain’t gonna

It’s madness.

Did you actually hear though what I just told you?

I’m being threatened by both Facebook and Instagram to be banned from using their applications and yet I couldn’t uninstall the app from my android device because it’s part of the phones now.


Depression awareness

(And the things I’m getting in trouble for it’s really confusing to me especially because there a girls out there actually doing sexual solicitation and are practically naked and their post gets to stay and they can talk about 0F)


Edgar out Allan Poe ran into an issue when he couldn’t get the local press to publish his stories

He was broke



Died naked in the street

His family said they didn’t care for him alive so didn’t care for him dead and tossed him into an unmarked box on an unmarked grave


I have trouble breathing some days


Depression awareness


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