I can’t read the rest of this fucking article

Now that I’m vaccinated I’m at MORE RISK

And less protected against the variants

And this article states 3 are of concern –

Then stated the CDC released new reports stating there will be a rise!

They started the zombie apocalypse!

The CDC has been advertising what to do in the event of a zombie apocalypse for years!

I’m fucking dying cuz I got these vaccines!

Fuck your peer pressure and gaslighting!!

Legit am dying body has been ice cold for hours now!

Somebody please read the rest of that article and tell me that I’m reading it wrong like I did the fucking pizza coupon!!!!

It doesn’t read go!!!

I don’t feel good!!!!

That vaccine was worthless!

It fucked up my heart!!!!!

I don’t need EKG results to know something is wrong!

I’m fucking freezing!!!! I’m dying!!!!

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