Mandatory Social Distancing

Sending love (I think) during this mandatory social distancing

40K!! + Patreon Exclusive Content

My blog hit 40k! Patreon only poetry and stories, original sharable digiart, private nude gallery, plus more!

Behind Closed Doors

Come get to know me better on Patreon.


I make decisions I know I'll regret later (but this isn't one of them)

600 Followers today, uhm I LOVE YOU

Keeping it real + gratitude

Wolf Moon

The Moon - a poem + thoughts

What You Can Expect as a Patron

Dear Patrons And Future Patrons


Information about my Patreon and love to my Patrons!

I See

Cuz he is a multiverse

Real Life War Stories on Tuners Radio

3 parts up

Top 9 Post of 2019 on Instagram!

My top 9 post of 2019 as loved by you are now on my Instagram! Thanks for the love!

Love & Thanks

Love and thanks

35K Oh My!

Gratitude + snaps =)

Regarding Love

Let's be real, you don't know love in any manner, you don't even love yourself.

Lil Peep

Song recommendation by Lil Peep RIP

Likes and Comments

Don't just hit like, read!

My Dawn Is Gone (A real story)

A very personal poem + stories + photos of my best friend who died by suicide *possible trigger warnings*

Kinky vampy bitch inside


Back Where We Started

One more thing...

Dear Bloggers, Please Read

Book publishing recommendation - you're welcome 😃


A deeply sorrowful poem + commentary (with hyperlinks to nerdy stuff I've done)

Unrequited Love on Tuners

Do and don't of love on Tuners, listen free now


Goddess of Confusion / A poem + photos (because why not)

My Survivor CBS Casting Call/Auditions

I am auditioning for SURVIVOR CBS again (4th attempt)


A poem about suicide that turned into a convo about suicide awareness + a gig memory & photos

All Hallows Eve Dancing

Longing AKA dancing for the first time in my fangs... + Snaps

Top 10 Halloween music playlist

What I got spinning for Halloween

All Hallows Eve


OOPS (Blog boo boos again)

Oops I did it again

Hello 28K!

Oh hi there! 28K woah! Thanks!

Le Vampyre

Couldn't sleep, full moon. My alter ego came out.

Things of Note by PoeEternal

Bits of pieces here & there. Thoughts. Ideas. Microwords. I feel like watching you smile is one of the most beautiful things I can witness in life. If you can't have it, dream about it. Fantasize. Talk to yourself. Loneliness is a state, not a being. Be one with it. Love. Even when you can't. … Continue reading Things of Note by PoeEternal