Americans be woke

My blog is blowing up


Yo listen up

You don’t need any courage – I got that 💪

My issue is with the system – and the NWO / 1% / Illuminati

The world could fall apart and nuclear fallout could go on and I’d have my fucking uniform on and be starting up the army so it’s cool man because I am 1000% dedicated to being the soldier I was trained to be and wanted to be

That vet that was behind me that was old-school army going off about the masks not working, man I had to step back and get into his bubble to understand his worldview

“You know something’s wrong / you felt it all of your life / you didn’t know what it was”

The Matrix is actually a REAL story


“Most of the people are still plugged into the system and they don’t want out”

“Some if them can’t handle the truth, their mind breaks”

“What truth”

“That you are a slave, Neo”

“Born into bondage”

The great fucking pyramid scheme

That goddamn triangle is the illuminati’s favorite fucking symbol too isn’t it

Everything they’re doing to us is to keep us distracted from what’s really going on

We definitely moved into a Hitler state with the “bush signing statements” over here in America because now big bro isn’t even allowing people to post fucking comments now I’m going to peoples newsfeeds and there are things being literally hidden and not shown others have fact checkers on them and I mean it’s information control and I do not like the future we are moving into this is not where I wanna be

If you wanna know how to be able to live in peace and harmony you need to watch the film “Thrive” and it came out several years ago now

I mean it touches base on aliens and all kinds of stuff if you can get past like the first half hour or so the ending is fucking phenomenal man and it shows you how we could be living and that’s the life I want for us

Hope you make me your movement in the future for a revolution

I want my name next to the enlightened ones like Jesus Christ and Jim Morrison

Martin Luther King and Michael Jackson


Who else has openly spoke out against the Illuminati?

“You’re all a bunch of fucking slaves! What are you gonna do about it?” – Jim Morrison


Keep numbing yourself with liquor and TV

But I’m gonna go down fighting


In my bed – like Michael Jackson

“Everybody gone mad”

And he couldn’t escape the illuminati no more than Britney Spears can

Free Britney!!!

Everybody be on her Instagram, “Why is she telling us this was posted 20 minutes ago, does she need help?”

She’s not working right now

I stand with my girl!

Stop picking on her!

Phew what else 🤔

I don’t know if y’all can handle anymore fucking unplugging information tonight can you?

Red pill or blue pill?

You wanna see how far the rabbit hole really goes?

And I’m not joking about Apophis – you should be slightly concerned about the 2066 fly-by.

That’s the one that’s got the scientist worried because they miscalculated


And they have some new way of measuring the distances and now they are more accurate

I think the scientists are now going to start playing bowling with astroids and potentially could make something be even more catastrophic and worse than like the million mink that they fucking slayed over in Denmark over Covid – they just get free will to do whatever the fuck they want while we are fucking slaves huh

And yeah, most people are born, brainwashed very young to believe something- we’re literally peer pressured and gaslit over religion!

Keep you in emotional chains and tell you that lust is bad and then the same fucking entity that makes the Internet and shit will toss porn in your fucking face and take your money there too

And then they make you feel guilty about that so you go to church and you pay them fucking money so that they can build more fucking statues and drink out of their golden chalices you believe these fucking fairytales

Or what you get burned at the stake if you don’t – fucking crucified – yeah fear is definitely fucking bred – and schools teach their bullshit propaganda

You still have a chance to become a good person

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