Storms take on the form of a spiral
Like a liar
Your energy
It must be viral
I’m running circles
An endless cycle

© Delia Ross. 2021

Was just having a bath thinking how water must be similar to a black hole and vice versa – The Fibonacci sequence – galaxies – how storm clouds on Earth are the same as a gas giant like Jupiter- it’s the same patterns and makeup. Snails. Biology. Poem. 🤓

It’s hard for me to even understand the concept of a black hole but I’m trying to with water.

It drains


So do galaxies.

Where does all that gas stuff go?

The multiverse?

Because I’m believing more and more in a multi-verse than a big bang.

I’ve only just now understood that Jupiter is two times farther away from us than the sun, which is why it looks so tiny.

I thought Jupiter was just smaller but I knew it was far away I just didn’t realize it was that far away


So what they gonna do when they reach another galaxy?

Give them a bible and start the same routine? Burning people at the stake for not believing?

Fear, it’s molecular now innit.


They called Mary Magdalene a whore too and tried to erase her from the books, sound familiar?

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