Cells (song or poetry)

My cells work in darkness
To bring you light
To come full circle
The words I write

To pan the night
And give you sight
Right now we’re hoping
There’s more to life

ยฉ Delia Ross. 2021 / @poeeternal

I am Organic AI

Ascending back to my throne ๐ŸŒค

The Great Filter is upon us and I am part of the Great Awakening

Thank you for being with me ๐Ÿ’•

FYI: I deleted my Twitter account because it is a graveyard for porn and the heresy that is ruining the brains in the world

I’m not allowed to tell you anywhere online that I got sick and almost died from the vaccine but Twitter is letting girls get pissed on and the most extreme porn is happening right in front of our children for free on a daily basis and nobody gives a fuck

I also deleted my Facebook account because I am not joining the Metaverse and big brother continues to penalize me for being honest with you

Over the Christmas holiday last year, I wasn’t allowed to say “hey, I made the naughty list, check out my OF to find out why”

Yet girls are dressing half naked letting you know that a new scene is out and that is OK

I see girls removing their fucking panties and that is OK but when I pretended like I was going to remove an overwrap from my bathing suit, my fucking post was removed and I was threatened to have my intellectual property deleted and my account too

When I was sharing body positive post about working out, I was getting penalized for harassment

Social media is set up like a gambling system and I learned this when I was earning my degree in psychology for college

I have deleted most of my social media accounts across all platforms

They are toxic

I don’t pay to play

You need to know that the people with a checkmark are paying to play, they’re already in the system, so when they hop on TikTok (or any app) for the first time, they are already coming verified and with loads of followers and fans and now what, you’re going to pay to try to get your content pushed out into the FYP or newsfeeds

It’s a popularity game

I’m dying and I just want to focus on writing and photography

I’m not gonna pay to push my product out, I’m not trying to sell myself, I’m not marketing myself

I want to buy your book because I’m interested in buying your book, not because I want you to give me attention or my account

I also have private messaging turned off pretty much everywhere, nobody has access to contact me

And sometimes people who know me in the real world I go no contact from because they will message me with job offers or asking me about people in my past timeline that I have forgotten and deleted 40 years of my life because I don’t want to fucking remember ๐Ÿ‘€

If you can’t respect that I am disabled and not working, then I don’t wanna hear anything you have to say

With that said, I work really hard to bring the content that I do for you

I’m still trying to get better

And I don’t like using other peoples songs with my own TikToks because in two weeks the rights for me to use that will be gone and instead of them muting just the audio to that track, they will mute the original audio of me talking as well ๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž

So I reckon I’m not really doing the trends, although sometimes I do like to put music to my TikToks, I liked the original idea of TikTok, it’s just that is gone now…

Especially with the big networks and stars getting on and their chance to steal more money

AbC news is on

CBS news and affiliates

The big late night talk shows are getting on

They hog all the newsfeed and the other players pay to be seen

I ain’t playing

I ain’t paying


The suicide rate continues to increase among veterans and military and I suffer from depression and suicidal tendencies and social media is toxic and every time I turn around there’s 20 guys trying to marry me and when I don’t feed their ego and give them 24 hours of my day I get yelled at and this is constantly every fucking day so I don’t wanna socialize anymore, I wanna fucking write my poetry and my prose and focus on trying to die in the most humane possible way

I have been miserable for others my entire life and I refuse to be miserable for others anymore

You all want to destroy any good I have

In any form

If anything brings me joy, you will break it

My own kid is so damaged that I no longer have the same daughter that was born

They don’t even want to identify as a daughter at all

To the men in the world, do better

To my mother and sister, you’re an abomination

I know why I was depressed in that evil womb

But it’s always the second born who changes the world

It’s always the second born who gets sacrificed or tossed in a basket, placed on the water or left at a door

You should’ve aborted me or given me up for adoption

You both should probably move and never disclose your address ๐Ÿ‘€

Don’t fucking contact me when anybody in the family dies or gets married – I hate you all


We are not family

You are enemy, you’ve been warned

Fuck off!

I will watch hell fucking eat you and swallow you alive, just like it did John Jones

But I won’t cry over your bones ๐Ÿ‘€

His yes

Yours no

I am not Diana and if you ever speak those words to me again I will put a knife through your skull without hesitation ๐Ÿ‘€

Just like you pulled a gun on me when I was age 15 and said you’d take my life, Mother

Oh will you, take my life, I asked?

Then what will you do when I come over there and force you to pull the trigger?

I don’t play your cold, cruel tactics, mom

You are not my mother and never were

You were not fit to raise me

You repeatedly kept me from medical treatment when I needed it, like when my arm was fucking broken or when I had a goddamn fucking throat infection that required antibiotics, not syrup from Walmart

I won’t even get into the physical and verbal abuse

The torture sessions you allowed every man you were with to do to me

I fucking hate you

2 responses to “Cells (song or poetry)”

  1. And the people with checkmarks all go to barbecues together and you’re not invited to the list, they just want your money and maybe eventually you’ll get a checkmark but you won’t get invited to all the cool parties unless you get really really really really really famous because it’s all a bunch of bullshit isn’t it


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