Shopping MacBooks at Walmart / holiday deals!

Damn y’all, maybe I should have waited until XMAS to strike/buy my laptop but, I am happy with my score!

Just a heads up tho, the seller I bought my MacBook from, is selling a $989 MacBook for $399 – listed in great condition- includes a bundle deal with a one year warranty! Holyshit! ๐Ÿคฉ

MyTell USA is selling this MacBook Air! He has more laptops listed in GREAT condition in his shop!! Some bundle deals priced lower!


He has other bundle deals in his shop, some deals same as mine nearly and listed for $349!

If you are out there hunting for a refurbished Apple product, I gave this seller 5* for the bundle deal I got! I am truly happy with my bundle! But this was my first purchase from this seller.

When you are in the Walmart app or on the website, in the search bar input: MyTell, USA and his shop should come pop up in the results. Then (if you want) you can sort from low to high or high to low and browse the items in his shop!

Here is his shop info:

I’ve seen other users write him two stars for not getting the black case on time with the bundle, but that has nothing to do with the seller and I don’t feel like that’s worth giving someone two stars for. My black case was delayed about a week. It snaps easily onto the MacBook tho and was literally made as a second skin for the MacBook, it was worth the wait!

I also thought the black case would hide the Apple logo when lit up but it doesn’t! It’s super cute and offers protection from scratches and things!

I bought some Apple pods to go with my laptop (even tho the bundle comes with a headset, I bought the Apple pods anyway)

These pods were $16 in the Walmart store and for a few extra bucks I bought an extended warranty! So basically for around $20 bucks, I got me some Apple pods and I didn’t have to spend like $200 or $300 for some wireless ones (I didn’t even know they made pods with wire and these were in my budget). These Apple pods would make a great Christmas stocking stuffer though!! ๐ŸŽ„

I don’t know the seller MyTell USA and again I’ve only bought one laptop from him but I recommend his shop as he was good to work with, responds within reasonable time, did not screw me over, and my laptop was in great condition, honestly, the bundle items were a bonus!

However, the first seller I bought a laptop from was no good at all and that laptop I returned and the seller’s name was – Certified 2 Day Express

It took about three weeks to get my refund back!

But overall it was worth shopping in the Walmart marketplace!

That was my first time!

Happy hunting y’all! Let me know if you have any questions on how to search!

Good luck and happy holidays!

P.S. I drove to several different stores looking at laptops and I looked online at several places as well and Walmart marketplace was where I wound up buying my MacBook, tiny mic, and headset!

Everything shipped in reasonable time!

But Walmart will leave your laptop right at the fucking door so make sure you’re not gone that day!!!

I don’t know if there is another way around that because I have had all of my stuff basically dropped off at the door!

I had someone on TikTok ask me who the seller was so that’s why I did a video and now I’m doing a blog post!

We have cameras filming where I live! But these days it’s the actual delivery drivers you have to watch out for!!!! They will steal your packages! ๐Ÿ˜ซ

So this is my experience, I’m kind of biting my tongue thinking that I could’ve spent 100 dollars more and got this MacBook that he is selling right now but I am super happy with the one that I got and I hope he has some other customers he’s going to make happy, I just feel like he deserved more than 2 stars! I gave him 5 for my experience!

Happy holidays y’all! Ho ho ho ๐ŸŽ๐ŸŽ„๐ŸŽ

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