I’m folding (poetry)

I’m folding
Guess heart is delicate
Space dimension
Satan is malevolent
Wrapped up in King
Wildcard is element
I am Queen
And God can handle it
Angel on my wing

Me and the neighbors decided to get along
But we don’t know for how long
With gifts received
And gifts have gone

I want to destroy the very bridge you build to cross my land
Fences and shrapnel
Won’t keep you out at all
Won’t fall to command
Don’t care where I stand
Don’t care if you’re banned

He’s the weight of the universe
On my mind
A string to wind
A snake twirling on the vine
A crack in time

Nine meals from anarchy
9 miles to the sea
Cross of calvary
Hold line faithfully

Loose nails
Mixed messages
Maps without haphazardness
Excuse my negligence
Trapped up to my neck
Hell is a wreck

She always carried poison in one of her hair combs
Got suicide in her bones
Same chromosomes
Suffer from the same syndromes
Know I ain’t John Jones

We’re trapped at the event horizon
11 dimensions and rising
A hologram reflection of me crying
Every moment we’re climbing
A carbon copy barely surviving

He said I’m a sexy witch
My spell has a perfect pitch
But he is living under bridge
And I love him just a smidge

He tells me things
I don’t want to know
Expression cold
And I’m left to fold

© Delia Ross. 2022 / @poeeternal

The new suicidal is becoming so isolated you don’t have a postal code

Death or suicide

Still trying to decide

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