I Dare Not; Poetry from Purgatory

Curfew doesn’t apply to me
I’m outside foraging
Nighttime flourishing

Forgive my offenses
Leaping over fences
Soul consequences
No shame dispenses

Maybe I’m like liquids
My blood is wicked
This tongue explicit
Soul sin omitted

Cop and crow
Linger on death row
I got front show
Walk with vertigo

You’re on speed dial?
Definition of reconcile?
My aim is hostile
Sit down awhile

Eggshell or limestone
Wait til I’m in prone
Crawling through milestone
Tearing down all throne

They are watching
Dark eyes mocking
I’m out here walking
White girl so shocking

I don’t want to wear pretty dresses made with poison
Competing against everyone and their perfect lies
Even in death
Forged and eulogized
Casket closed
The truth is never wide
Silence on our face
The dead won’t cry!

He is danger; know him like a stranger
I react with anger
Tunnel through the trigger
Lock and load with vigor
Cold as glacier
I am endangered

I don’t know whether to be offended or withdrawn
I don’t know the rules at all
He’s automaton
I dare not crawl

Self-portrait October 2022

© Delia Ross. 2022 / @poeeternal

Happy Boo season y’all. Hitting my grave soon.

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