Bond (poetry)

I come without bond
Look inside
Heart ain’t coping

Like leaping ledge
Just barely hoping
Your foot will land
But surface sloping

© Delia Ross. 2023 / @poeeternal

Man I am obsessed with cave diving deaths. Death in general because we were holding hands. Depth blackout terrifies me.

We can’t leave earth. We can’t even explore past 150 feet safely inside the earth.

What were you doing down there, John.

People will easily talk you into your death.

Give you maps withholding information needed to make valid decisions.

These demons try and avoid karma and fate by getting you to choose the wrong door.

I don’t want to go down with the ship.

There’s gonna be light at the end of the tunnel for me and that’s gonna be my way out of here.

Got an online offer on my Jeep. Not sure the avenue I’m going here – but why not downsize my ride.

I love her too much and I can’t take anything with me to heaven.

I also looked to see what they were being sold at with my mileage and year.

An SUV no longer serves my purpose here.

Would go down with the ship but why.

There were spaces on the lifeboat’s.

Lives could have been saved…

I’ve stopped crawling headfirst (still headstrong unfortunately)

“The answers are coming, rest Neo”

Nearly died, completely turning my life around.

Still learning basic concepts

Like how no man has ever seen me with any value – and destroyed everything I owned – while watching me work so hard to prove my worth/existence

But gentrification exists, because the rich hoard everything and they love us watching us fight for the cheap shit

A bone just to survive

I’m resetting my game. I’m allowed.

End game/Quit. Reset/Start over.

This time I go forward knowing my value to man is NONE.

Which is fine because 1-5 have an STD and I can’t look at any of them and take them serious.

Even if I wanted to date, the pool is tainted.

It ain’t worth the dive.

I live for God now. Sorry not sorry.

And I went back to the Mall. Spencer’s had even more hardcore sex toys out – and little boys were around.

I nearly threw up.

I don’t want anything to do with this porn infested devil society.

I’ll never know what it’s like to be valued or loved by a man – because I don’t have fake tits or come with “instant gratification” mode.

Sex with us commoners is boring to them

They hate our existence in general

The divorce rate is 85% and 1 in 5 men have an STD.

I know I’m boring and cheap so why you looking anyway.

You can’t afford me.

Honestly, it’ll take a miracle to get me to date now knowing one in five can give you cancer (there are some known parasites that can be spread through human contact) (they didn’t give us the nitty gritty in school but I got the good education some of the time)

Research parasites that cause cancer – then “human contact” (they won’t tell you it’s in the man’s sperm)

But you can catch a parasite from a cat box or kissing on an animal or eating food

The labs aren’t designed to see them (with malicious intent and purpose)

The elites were plagued with parasites


I live for God now (unless he finds me a husband without an STI/STD or porn addiction or addiction of any kind unless to me)


BABES you can do this

It’s not end all

I did a CARMAX offer

If the physical offer holds up near as good as the digital, I may bite

Suddenly want a car…

Love the Jeep to much

Took good care of her, she’s at 75K miles

Feel frighteningly suicidal but at least this way she’s safe out of my hands

I want a little feminine car

And maybe some work from home or a hotdog stand

Do not want to die here

Do not want this hand


“Are you sure, all data will be removed”


No car, no address!


Needed to lighten my load


So many people have died exploring caves.

The earth is alive

Stop selling sex toys in front of minors. Like what the fuck

1 in 5 men have an STD and a divorce or three on their belt.

I got new skates for Christmas. Too much value, too much fun.

I once lived for man but they are obsessed with porn stars and always have money to impress and spoil and buy sex workers.

They love the backdoors and backrooms. Even the cleanest of them, the ones you’d never suspect cheating most definitely are. They use burner phones, identities, and make good use of work away from home.

In college I learned one husband gave his wife HIV/AIDS but started medication without telling her thus sealing her fate (it’s illegal to do this but men do not care) (the medication did not work for her because they did not start it together and he kept infecting her)

1 in 5 y’all

I may leave America all together

It’s disgusting here

My neighbors are gross

I want my neighbors to be the crocodiles and the crows

And a man that isn’t infected or at risk or risky behavior

Stop looking at me

Keep back ten feet

(I also researched other countries and their sexual health isn’t any better)

My best friend always said before she died by suicide age thirteen, “don’t be silly, put a condom on your willy” – Meika Capps

Miss yah babe!

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