Open Doors

You turn open doors to silence
Great wide expanse
Look how you guide us
Galloping in advance

I still love you best

I wish you well like starlight
I’m seeking tonight
Kept my heart tied

The perfect existence
The one I found you in
But you’re so nihilistic
There’s no room to win

I know how you lie
Dressed in crown
And agony
Twisted thorn
Of tragedy

You’re lost
You don’t have identity
Heavy cross
A penalty
Come walk with me

Is this how we soothe it
Our love is prudent
Somehow I’ll prove it
Driving nail right through it

Old mixed with new
Like promises overdue
I don’t have a curfew
Under you

Surfing too
With parachute
In full monsoon
We rendezvous

Let me say with oath
He wanted promises stretched out unto infinity
And so the great expanse was his domain

I know how much you hate me
Run around berate me
Am I poison sumac
The girl you couldn’t stomach?
Would you block me if I cometh?
Maybe create a covet?

Indestructible. It will not corrode, rust or tarnish, and fire cannot destroy it.

Our love like gold

Tornadoes form
When you arrive
Like thunderstorm
Or thorn in side

Man can’t travel to the beginning, it’s forbid
Moving backwards through time
There’s always going to be a dead end

Copyright © 2023 PoeEternal. All rights reserved.


I followed the American gold trail all the way back to Japan. I had to “read more” “read more” visit “read more” and said number of times – to find the end trail.

Also – they tax gold A LOT and the government can confiscate it anytime they want

(I’d like to see them steal my nuggets tho for real, I’m unhinged)

(I don’t have any nuggets – it was an impossible dream)

So phones only last around 6 years

By the time I purchase one 3-4 years in – it’s 2-3 years from its final update

“How long will this iPhone last”

Can we go back to pagers and whatnot?

Dropping letters in the mailbox without any postage?

Knocking on the door and leaving notes

“Be back in 10 minutes 1 hour”

Leaving packages on the door “sorry I missed yah”

Or, maybe stop charging so much for “the latest phone”

Journalism is crap these days – websites swarmed with ads eating your data – and now they want us to pay for the “free press”

Pay for the propaganda and lies – more than we already do

Other countries that adopted the “American dream” policies are tanking

Not only did the parents of GEN X not like us – they want to give our jobs to the millennials – they sold us out – and stole half our retirement without remorse

None of them care about the future

Sex content should be behind a paywall

“Must verify age”

They need to put triple black curtains up at Spencer’s

I don’t want to see “adult content” 24/7

WP is turning into the FB algorithms in terms of how people are putting out content and slipping in desensitizing content

GenX needs to band together and get a farm and ghost everyone else (kinda)

It won’t be until 2060 or so until the Boomers are all gone

I thought I’d get to live to see something cool like go to the moon – but all the boomers produce are LIES

Isn’t your poetry like a little headlamp in a damp, dark cave.

Thank you

(Please stop destroying everything and feed the birds and wildlife whatever you are eating)

I’ve decided to bond with a house spider who took residence in my bathroom in the corner of the sink

She was small – she growing

I told her I must relocate her at some point “due to fear”

For now, she’s soaking up the dew from my shower time

She fixed her little web of string connected to my pop up trash bin after instructed

She loves my hot showers

She’s an animal

There’s a lot of responsibility in her trust of me

I have arachnophobia

Apparently she’s a common Florida house spider

When I was a child, unsupervised, I wanted to see how long it would take the June bugs to “coat me” and when my mom came outside to check on me, I was standing still covered head to toe in June bugs

She said I was the devil

I would let granddaddy long legs crawl on me too

“Oh look another one, put him on me”

Now I see a bug and nearly die

So I dunno where my disconnect with nature happened (my boomer mom)

I would eat the scallions growing in the grass – unwashed

I drank water from the hose

The school made me swish with fluoride

They lined us up in the hall and made us drink some pink stuff

We weren’t allowed to wear advertising or “Black and proud” t-shirts to school

Our shorts and skirts had to be knee level

I weigh now what I weighed then – only now I got tiny tiddies

I just spent over $400 on a new phone 2 1/2 years ago – and now come September – final update

So no.

I’ll start blogging from the library computer or something

50% of my retirement savings – in the pockets of the boomers

They still don’t care about us and don’t plan on handing over the torch which is why they ghosted and gutted us –

Wait til more have a place to direct their anger (stop spending)

(Crucify them!?!)

I don’t think the purpose to life is death and destroy.

I may be a passive nihilist tho

I’m working on ‘me’

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