I gotta stop blaming the immigrants

To be fair, my hate goes towards the Boomer generation more lately, who won’t give up control

I mean, it could be an act, he could be acting

“We’re all stuck in this loop”

Are people supposed to cry when they hear shit like that?

This is why I’m begging God to save me! Humanity! I’m lost!

So segregated from everything and all!

If it isn’t raw or natural, I don’t want it


(I got into a rift with another blogger who wants me jailed or banned – I asked nicely to be removed tho several times) (before things heated up)

I just wonder how much people really love their jobs or life?

I’ll respect your boundaries if you ask me yo

But demons don’t

And I had a boomer threaten to call the cops on me when I was social distancing in line

I literally have the cops called on me for standing in the sunshine

And sometimes I hate demons and tell them so

Free will

But how much do you love yer throne?

They’re delusional thinking the law protects them 🙂

They want us living in fear but they actually fear me 🙂

I’m the Great Feared One 🙂

They also admitted they don’t believe in God (duh)

But I’m the problem


His rent was raised but he got a paint job

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