TikTok heat + Boomer logic

The TikTok is still heating up and Boomers don’t like being called Boomers but they make up most of the HOUSE of CONGRESS

Therefore, I will not comply about referring to them as “politicians”.

One replied that they were enjoying their retirement and I told them congratulations, enjoy. All the Boomers will be gone by the 60s.

He probably never looked at it like that (forest for trees) and the comment remains unliked

They say any traffic is good traffic but I did block someone commenting multiple times

I’m very open, exposed, and raw delivering such heavy content such as “I lost half my retirement but it wasn’t because I was stupid, all Gen X did – so I feel slightly worse.”

I’m backing it up with real evidence tho (just not personal statements tho some comments phish for it)

Boomers won’t admit to any wrong doing, ever (prove me wrong).

Gen Y & Z should back X up in the fight to remove the Boomers from HOUSE

My TikTok is #poeeternal or PoeEternal

Thanks for your feedback here and there!

I love having a place to direct my rage: the Boomers


Have fun love 🙂

I’m the Great Anomaly


“Take a pill” – NO

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