The Mystery Plants

They basked in the glory of the full moon last night

I have several pots doing nothing at all

And there’s a lot of guilt involved in mistake

And I did clean the windowsills but then spilt the strawberries (which maybe now they will sprout!?!)

These are the ones surviving thus far and needing re-potting

The Forget-Me-Nots – around 7 growing and a few have rot

The Lavender hasn’t sprouted but I didn’t use all the seed (did something right)

The other mystery plants may be dead?

It could take 3 weeks for it to surface

Do you know how much time I have to kill things between then?

I’m like “please grow”

I think I could do better with some land?

The cop recommended me to move today, said “all of Daytona is bad”, “hate to lose a level headed person like you”

Do you think he could be my future husband?

The BLM brought up my skin color and size, said, “you ain’t got one” but like I do!?!

It’s tiny sure. Take it up with God. I’m Angelic.

She was threatening to beat my ass

I said, “they want us living in fear”

She replied, “why would you move where there are black people”

Like OMG

“Why would I move where there are black people”?

That’s an entirely good question

Where can I move where there aren’t any?

But that’s so mean. I don’t actually not like black people lol

“Why would you move somewhere there are black people?”

*pretends I’m a ten like Ms USA*

*plays dumb*

I ain’t got any huh

Then why you watching it shake when I’m walking away

The men don’t mind my tininess

They use words like “fit”

So yeah The plants. The drama. The hellhound. The hellhole. The noise. Interruptions.

Need country

Lots of trees

Good neighbors

“Not born in a barn” type

Also me: *wants a sleep barn*

Also: thanks for 37,000 Likes on the TikTok

Well almost

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