Passion of the Christ

Y’all remember Jim Caviezel?

He wants to know where the pope is?

He wants to know if you would lose your head for Christ?

He states, we have to go after the octopus head – not just the tentacles

He also played a role in “the stoning of” (sara?)

Basically a husband was cheating and got his wife murdered by burying her alive – up to her neck – and having her children throw the first stones at her head

This practice is still legal

He didn’t want to pay child support or something

Accused her of a death penalty – something he was doing


I can still like him as an actor and person

I mean he played Christ

Kinda hard to probably take off that role

Jesus imprinted in him and me

But read the good book full of propaganda and lies?

Uhm no

It’s Satanic

I collect Bibles tho

Some falling apart

Some extremely tiny with a lock

You ever try selling a Bible during end times?

I can’t seem to part with them?

Via donation, sale, or trash

Or is is sell?

I’m selling something

I have a sale

Hmmm it’s nearly 4 am

I’m glad it wasn’t just a role for Jim

“Fighting with all their hearts but don’t have a voice”

He’s talking about me

“Would you lose your head for Christ”

What does he mean?

Like not deny him?

He states he thinks about John all the time

“What would John do”

Yeah same – different John’s tho – same but not

He did not die in vain

If anything, he’s my compass down here in this hell

We both think about John all the time (same but not)

John the Baptist was always a favorite from the B

Jim might be part of the 244

Somewhere in the 244 is Christ

God is love

You mean get crucified? Fairly certain society shames me for being a light-bringing angel

They want the world covered in darkness – nihilism

6th mass extinction

Narcissism is a plague

Society is a scam

I hope I get well enough to marry a good man

Man has failed me

Searching black holes is nihilism

Segregation from God

Gonna expose you all

Deliver the head of Satan

Toss it at God’s feet

“I’m home”!

Literally got chills

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