Stones of Regret

His absence is too loud, too painful.


Like a ghost he roams my heart, I miss him.

Words Like Bullets

Words fire like bullets

Emergency Lights

Are you out there? I still need you.

Hello 28K!

Oh hi there! 28K woah! Thanks!


Let us fucking prey


He uses so many girls to replace the one that ever really mattered. I was gullible enough to fall into his traps. But the world he creates isn't real. He's a monster.

Winter Blues

Tis the season

A Visit From Lu Part 7

A Visit From Lu Part 7!!!

Dance like nobody’s watching / 119 pounds of sorrow

dancing away my sorrows


Themes of death, possible trigger warning (irony)


'Some girls have all the luck, some girls have all the pain, some girls get all the breaks, some girls do nothing but complain'...


I might be his druidess but he is stubborn to his own demise

PoeEternal Greetings on Etsy!

My Etsy shop featuring unique handmade greetings with vintage gems is now open for business!


Cast not the first stone... (super late night freestyle remorse/regret)


Tick-tock (a 10 second story)

Exiled (Again)

Fun fact: I have been referred to as "a cub" cuz I never look my age (forever young). The poem suggests I never act my age either and I would concur...


Her beauty is misunderstood but not by me.

A Visit From Lu Part 4

A Visit From Lu Part 4

Le Vampyre

Couldn't sleep, full moon. My alter ego came out.

A Micro Story

A micro-story in under ten words.


Regrets and sorrow


Is there anyone real out there?


Like a fucking yoyo we are but if I wanted a fag, I could pop down to the store...

Moving On

Found my courage. It was missing like your love.


This love was his to cradle


He loves us, he loves us not