Hey guys!! I’m sorry if I haven’t been as active lately, not just with posting my own content but with communicating and doing peer reviews with other bloggers. I’ve had a lot going on both in my personal life and professional. I am also trying to beat a nasty illness called depression and sometimes it gets the best of me despite every effort for it not to. I am growing and deteriorating as a person on a daily basis. I can’t seem to slow the process either. I hope you stick around, and if I haven’t been as active with you lately, PLEASE DO NOT take it personally. I am trying to live my best life, without so much suffering involved like it has been the last FORTY years. People make life hard, PEOPLE. Please be kind out there, too much suffering. Just a couple weeks ago an 18 year old kid JUMPED from the I95 overpass bridge, one I had thought of driving off of several times. I was in the traffic when it happened. He was 18. I can’t even type this without tearing up. In fact, driving home yesterday and going over that spot again I started crying. It has hit me so hard and I didn’t even know him. But you don’t have to know someone to love or care for them. WE’RE ALL HUMAN, NO MATTER THE COLOR OF OUR SKIN. Actually, we’re animals just like other animals. Some have evolved more than others clearly. We’re all connected, EVERYTHING. Ever wonder why our tears taste of the ocean? xxoo

By PoeEternal

I'm gone. Maybe it's like I never existed at all.

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