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Blog cleanup

Blog cleanup + apology

In an attempt to clean up my newsfeed, I may inadvertently unfollow some accounts I didn’t want to. I am doing a mass unfollowing of inactive accounts and I have about nine hundred accounts I need to unfollow to equal the accounts that are following me.

If you somehow got unfollowed just drop me a comment or hit the like button and I will gladly re-follow you.

I’m also sorry if any of my previous post offended anyone, they have since been removed.

I appreciate you all.

I hope you can forgive my waves. They’re not permanent waves. I only have the best intentions despite my shortcomings.



By PoeEternal

I'm gone. Maybe it's like I never existed at all.

8 replies on “Blog cleanup”

That’s kind of you to say Tony and thank you for your understanding. I’m not even creating all the waves even though I’m probably being blamed for them. I’m trying to stay afloat.


Ack! I hate when my emoness spreads from just my head and tears to online! It’s the equivalent of me slamming doors but in real life I never slam doors, I’m well-tempered and hate drama or conflict. I have no online etiquette. Other people do drunk postings, I do emo shit ugggg! I’m sorry I made you worry!!!

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