The hour was late
Upon her arrival

The moon stood full
And without rival

Her thoughts were pure
Although in a spiral

Her body porcelain white
Like the gown of a bridal

With hands and feet
Weary from the travel

And an aching heart
Where rest was vital

The longer she waded
The stronger the tidal

Until one evening
She fell suicidal

And she lost the will
For any survival

As she lay dying
Where love left her jaded

Broken down and used
Feeling completely degraded

Unware these currents
Are where he’s incarcerated

And wave after wave
He keeps her sedated

Riding every moment
So terribly frustrated

Her eyes burn with rage
Blind to knowing she’s appreciated

Her soul out of control
And slightly tainted

A mouth full of salt
And truths complicated

Wave after wave
Keeps them segregated

Night after night
Though she waited

Sigh after sigh
Was poorly translated

Cry after cry

But this is the love
They both have awaited

She built a raft
And sails towards love created

I hope this time
Her heart is illuminated

© Delia Ross. 2019

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