Real Life War Stories on Tuners Radio

Hi y’all. For the first time ever I’m starting to share War Stories on my Tuners radio channel and the thread got a reply from Alexander Ebert!!! This might be the first time I’ve ever heard a guy say they want to hear my poetry, and it’s coming from my muse, stop the fucking press! 🤓 I was actually worried that it would be boring and a waste of time to share war stories, and maybe not the right time even but then I got a response from Alex and his reply is just amazing! I’ll have to scramble up my war poems but now I’m inspired to write an even better one. Talking about war is not something I normally do, but I’m starting to open up and share more on my Tuners so be sure you follow and tune in! It’s free to listen and use (you can even use it anonymously). I hope you give it a listen!

Sharing war stories of OEF/OIF on Tuners Radio, listen free here

Direct link:

Direct link to the thread:

Direct link to Alex’s reply:

Some music by Alex I dig:

Alex is like one of the most incredible beings to walk planet Earth so his reply is, to me, a big deal. Hunt the good stuff. ✌️

Another goodie by Alexander:

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