Riots and protests

“Riots and protests / just make us famous”

Thought I’d post this over here, since it is so very offensive that it needs to be reported.

So enjoy.

This was literally a try on session because due to COVID we cannot in the store. The tags were still on. But it still got reported cuz my flesh is just so very fleshy. I plan to get proper footage soon and uploaded to my OnlyFans, without the got damn tags.

It’s just silly given that the tags were still on and there was literally nothing to be offended by.

But I have calmed down now that Instagram has put my post back.

Thank you Instagram. Content creators need to be protected. This is my intellectual property. I am following TOS policy, protect creators from silent bullying and harassment.

Type O Negative, a favorite band of mine, had an entire country ban them once and I’m literally having meltdowns because one person has it against me LOL LOL but in the end Germany unbanned them, they were allowed to return to the country and perform again and Germany is now like one of their number one fucking supporters, so you know, my enemy, is just really my teacher…

My enemy is turning into my teacher


I took live video which is actually photos and not videos but I haven’t been able to sort where I can upload it anywhere and I’ve already hit Google and seen that other people have had this issue with their iPhone X, iPhone 6, and other iPhone devices.

When I go to add it into my Instagram story it shows it as moving but then when it’s posted it’s not. *sigh*

So now I have a lot of really cool practice booty shots that I took in this new set while the tags were still on and I even added the effect to them making them animated but now I don’t know how to upload the content where it’ll actually be fucking moving like it’s supposed to.

It doesn’t save like GIF or video – And I have a brain injury and a new device and I’m moving over from Samsung Galaxy to Apple, it’s an entire new fucking world. Alice in wonderland 👀

But Samsung lost me when they forced the Facebook app on you and you can’t remove it at all.

Facebook has given me account deletion warnings and now I’m just gal gone wild there. It’s best I avoid. I don’t want any social app FORCED on me. Especially one that wants to ban me from its use.

It’s literally dude after dude trying to “get to know me” so they can get free nudes and have a better cum session. End of.

Some of them don’t even try to get to know me, they just get straight to it and ask me for the nudes.

Happens all the time.

But get this, I’m a whore if I ask them to pay for it and I’m a whore if I don’t give it to them for free.

Yee haw hang on mama we bought to let our tiddies fly!

On my OnlyFans. 😊

Because that’s the only legal place I am authorized and verified to show my body.


Also was getting tired of people trying to get me to sell them nudes of my tiddies.

I ain’t going to jail selling my content to some teen.

Again, I’m on OnlyFans, it is the only place I feel safe to post any nude content.

Or fleshy content.

Or flirting.

Or seduction. Which is kind of like a big thing for me as a vampire, I can’t even be fucking seductive anymore. 🙄

But if you’ve got some overly engorged fake ass sex organs you can post that shit everywhere.

I used to think that my body was gross because that’s what dudes had me believing because I didn’t replace my shit with plastic and prematurely age my body.

But more and more as I look at deformed Hollywood it literally hurts my eyes.

It happened to Michael Jackson and he was my first crush but it got to a point where I couldn’t even look at him anymore but that didn’t stop me from bleeding on the couch for two weeks after the illuminati murdered him…

Anyway if I can figure out how to get these files posted and moving in their animated form, it will be really cool for my next photoshoot. It’s definitely one of the reasons I wanted to get an Apple iPhone because I’ve heard that you can get amazing photography and videos and I really really really really really love videography.

But so far I think Twitter is the only place I have found where I can upload it and that is the one place I don’t want it to go.

Gonna try and figure out once again WHY the format is not being recognized when I upload to Insta, WP, or OnlyFans. At this point I would love to be able to share the practice ones I took of my bum in this new lingerie set. 🙄

If anyone has a quick work around for this please let me know.

These aren’t MP4 or GIF and at this point if I can learn how to convert it into one or the other that would even be helpful…

I love having a new toy but I have a learning disability.

I hope you can be patient with me before I push out my next OnlyFans content.

And I’m sorry for turning off commenting everywhere I could on my social media platforms- but I was under threat and when my intellectual property is under threat and under fire, like the only thing I know how to do is to take cover.

The Army literally trained me to take cover when under fire and also if surrounded by enemy with no means of support, to play dead.

I’m fucking good at running for cover and playing dead.

FYI. When you see me retreating, I’m usually drowning.

Please don’t take your love from me.

I need you more than ever.

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