So much

I like him so much I can feel heaven hovering over my dreams

He makes me feel forever young 😻

And he bought this lingerie from my Amazon Wishlist 😻

I cried when I originally tried it on, I guess because I’m not as young as I wanna be – but he quickly made me forget all of that.

He undoes all the torment men have put my mind and body through over all the years – all the body shaming they did.

Poof gone.

By the way he looks at me

By the way he handles me

He makes all my parts feel loved

He doesn’t ignore one atom on or in me

If there is an atom hiding, he’s gonna hunt it down and find it

But all my atoms fall into orbit when he’s around


I think all these chemicals he’s flushing my heart with is helping

All the things hurt less

Even my heart

(If you’re on the fence about the Adome lingerie line on Amazon – you should do it – and forget the fact that you’re not gonna look as cute as the girls advertised – if you’ve got a body untouched by plastic like me)

(I’m not saying you won’t look cute in it – that’s my own negative self image. I think everybody looks fucking fine but many of us suffer from negative self image)

(He undoes all that negative self image)

(And he doesn’t tell me to grow up)

(Or to look the part)

“You shouldn’t be dressed like that”

“You’re showing too much skin”

“Slut whore cunt slutttttt whoreeeee”

“You’re asking for it”

I mean, the body shaming didn’t just come from the men.

I hear it being yelled at me while I’m pumping my gas looking all dead n cute


I’ll yell back, “you know you jealous bitch” (never knowing why because I cry about my body all the fucking time over the fact that I never grew up and I am not voluptuous)

I’ve pretty much mostly spent all of my years on earth living in the south and my God y’all know how to body shame women with your opinion and religion.

Just stop

He makes me feel bomb ☄️🔥🔥🔥

And it feels nice to wake up with a mental health boost before the sun has even risen


Woke up not crying

Atoms feel harmonized and at rest

*dozes back off to sleep*

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