You make it easier to breathe
You open up my heart and carve new paths to bleed
You give me what I need
My soul feeling wonder dying by the sea


Might already be dead if it wasn’t for you giving me the will to live and my doctor writing me a prescription for aspirin 👀

You don’t just give me the will, you dump a load of chemicals directly into the source at light-speeds (my heart)

If it wasn’t for you stretching out my heart…

I might not even be alive 👀

(Your mind makes it real)

(You die in the Matrix, you die in the real world)

(Yea, but if I told you that you wouldn’t have jumped)

(But what’s really gonna boggle your noodle later is would you have even broke it if I hadn’t of said anything)


(Sorry living out multiple scenes / theories in this multiverse)


(You saved my life)

(You might not believe it but I do)

I can say I don’t understand how I’ve been getting through these last few weeks but the reason is you.


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