Ambigram (freestyle poetry)

I didn’t knock
There was a lot of dust
And mistrust

All signs of life were void
This place was deserted
A haunting would lift its spirits

So I tiptoed over my breath
My thought became torporific
Could he hear my heart beat?

It was so loud over the silence
And a rapid fall
I couldn’t stop expansion, nor my feet hovering

His home is scary and I feel a burden
Still my weight is planted on his wall
Black paint chips from my nail as I claw

It should be glaringly obvious why I’m not welcome here
But why is my name neon glowing sketched in the dark?
Was this my own doing?

Sometimes I can’t distinguish your name from mine
Are we an ambigram?
Am I rib from your side?

Β© Delia Ross. 2021 / @poeeternal

Another freestyle because he cracked open the lid of my coffin and let some air in (or maybe I opened his) πŸ€”

I look like shit but I’ve been waxing and plucking and getting ready to glue some stiletto nails on

I don’t wear them long though because I don’t like to mess up my real nails and I’m also claustrophobic and having unnatural things attached to my body makes me very uneasy

When they are glued on (not taped) things inside my body go haywire

I also have really sensitive skin and I can’t wear certain metals because I’m part werewolf and I have an extra lumbar which is the proof that I have a fucking tail

All the doctors love it cuz I’m a pale ass goth queen

It’s cute

I always hear, “uh… did you know that you have…”

And I’m like “yup, part werewolf and vampire” and they always crack up

I don’t need a calendar to know when it’s a full moon because my body will start bruising itself because I start running into everything, that’s how I know the moon is gonna be full, but then I get very wild and also horny πŸ€ͺ

Animals like mating during a full moon and I concur 🌝

It’s programmed in me to howl at the moon

Some people are like, “eh I’ve seen it a hundred times” and I don’t get that cuz I’m like “100 years isn’t long enough to worship you…”

But I just threw you a curveball because now you don’t know if I’m talking about him or the moon

(He knows I need at least all millennia to worship him and the moon)

Luckily, he digs the moon too (I think)

I don’t actually talk to him or know anything about him, I cannot breathe without him and my lines / breath belong to him

I hope he gets on the TikTok for the spoken word

Here’s numbers to impress, TikTok surpassed Google in the amount of views

Happy to report I contributed to that statistic a tiny bit and anyone who watched my videos πŸ‘€

Yup, TikTok had more views than Google

Instagram is still suffering (yay)

You can just upload your videos like you normally do but there’s a cool little feature when you go to edit it you can give your eyes like alien eyes or black them out and do stuff that you normally like to do to hide yourself

And I promise you that I will be viewing your TikTok’s, I will be viewing them and if they sit at zero views it’s because TT is doing something to you, not me

If views are all you care about, it’ll be stressful

But, if you like doing poetry readings for your audience, then you will fair emotionally better making them

At this point I’m happy if my video gets 100 to 200 views and if it gets at least 30 views I like to keep it on my feed and if it sits at zero I cry and sometimes uninstall the app

But Yeti is anxious to get unpacked

And I’m getting my body glammed up best I can as a half living dead girl zombie with rare and elite blood and an extremely amazing half working lung and heart

The US government is fucking cloning me, I just know it

They are using my blood to search for immortality

They tried to knock me out with Big Pharma but Thor pinched me and I jumped into this timeline like a year and a half or so ago to prevent my mysterious death from happening

What? You believe some man from the Middle East actually walked on water. Leave me alone.

I identify as AI

You identify as “born gay”

Deal with it

I ain’t dying on the street (Edgar again “no”)

I have Edgar Allan Poe rooting for me and John Jones and you have your porn and your fake ass porn actresses who love to look at the fucking TV and smile at you and take your money

I may talk to dead people but they’re keeping me better alive than the humans are πŸ‘€

And his poetry and face πŸ€ͺ

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