Eye drops

She killed him with eye drops

“I put a couple drops in his cup thinking it would make him sick and uncomfortable. I didn’t think it would kill him” (the nurse who killed her abusive millionaire husband)

Oh goodie

No, not that she killed him.

Had no idea eye drops were dangerous if consumed

Laughs out loud

Meanwhile, Jimbo, “have you been born yet, are you alive”


Oh Romeo where art thou?

The poison is so easy to acquire

Oh rhymey things

I speak in rhyme

So annoying

But wouldn’t give it up


New game: write a story or poem about current events

Michael Jackson would do this, “Annie are you walking, are you walking Annie”

He read the paper

Save the trees!!!

Live for your stories


By the way, those fungas things in the market causes cancer when uncooked

I don’t eat mushrooms

And those mushrooms are from a manmade genetically modified plant animal parasite

I hate mushrooms and can barely get through them cooked

Those supermarket mushrooms cause cancer

You won’t read it online

They don’t want to lose sales

It’s possible some species exist that counteract the poison

The poison is the cure

For me tho, ginger, turmeric, beets, daily x 30 day

Got so much heart health going on I’m shitting solid beat juice lol

TMI I know

“You are what you eat”

I was like, “is that normal” lol

At least it wasn’t blood

And the heart approves

So fuck you

Solid poo

My gut is healing

My heart

Working on my lungs – need lots of tlc

The ticker still too

Toot toot

“Don’t mess with my toot toot / don’t mess with my toot toot / you can have another woman / but don’t mess with my toot toot”

An actual song my memaw had on 8 deck? 8 tape? 8 track?

The algorithm is dumb for not knowing “memaw” is a southern slang word


“Memaw, what is a toot toot”

“Her pp” memaw replied (I think)

It was probably about cheating but memaw kept me pure

We also would jam to “lunatic fringe” on 8 track

In her car….

She had an 8 track on 5 acres of land

The 80s had some of the best heartbreak songs

The 90s was all grunge and goth – like an explosive 60s

God: “you wanna be there for the 60s or the 90s”

Me: born 1978

Don’t judge me

Kinda wanna hit a Bush gig soon

Bet Gavin misses my moody face

The way he finds me in a crowd


I can feel it

(Doesn’t know I exist but does)

I won’t ever support another artist again

(Will only support muse or husband)

(Whichever comes first/last)

Single never married

I will look better once I get a facial

For mood and self esteem’s

Going closet shopping again soon 🙂

Have been donating like crazy

Still throwing clothing away too

At least will die cute

The poo is not bloody tho

I fucking love whole beets juiced

I need land to grow beets

And beans

I need to feed squirrel and am getting them a corn treat soon

Might go live on the tiktok

They come out of the forest line when I call 🙂

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