The domain is live

My domain is live again and I’m ad free for the next 3 year as I bit and got the 3 year plan!

I may go back to writing on a typewriter

Photography the old time consuming way

I did create an OF – but I’m living rogue with 95% of my belongings gone (I’m sleeping on the floor)

I don’t need your money but may keep my rated r bits behind a paywall

Anyhoo, the dot com is active again

How to look cute and shitty all in one

And since I’m still not washing my face per official guidelines, I’m dry as fuck

My bathwater smells like chlorine

My nails aren’t painted, I need a haircut

Tiny babe “you ain’t got any either” 😐

I’m not ready for a husband yet but am working hard with self and God to get things right

And the Devil wanna take away my smile

But the neighbors are being somewhat nicer to me now that I’m dressing in clothes that mostly fit (extra small is big and I’m not quite xxs and trying to actually put on weight) but was wearing medium and large while extra small

(I’m fighting a cancer inside me but my labs are fine)


Healthcare equals medical malpractice but we sign forms so they can hurt you with malicious intent and purpose

I’m looking to upgrade my very old but loved rebounder

Only because it squeaks and someone on TikTok complained

So I stopped sharing

And am secretly rooting for a ban hoping for a revolution

My TV is sold

No more PS4

My devices are outdated after 2 1/2 years

iPhone 12 would only be good another 2 to 3 years

News has come out that 12 and 13 may be obsolete with the new 15

I’m not paying them prices

I don’t eat with my phone

Or shit

The voicemail is probably full with malicious intent and purpose

I can post from the library but they would steal my login and data

Probably give them access to my browsing history from the last ten years

It is off

The Devil tried to murder me

I’m still here

I got some sort of superpower and you don’t know what that does to a person

There are two ways I could go

But you know me, always taking the off path

Sometimes we find things more valuable than gold, sometimes we find John Jones

He ain’t resting in peace

“I want out”

Final wish

So these Boomers sealed him in

His wife worried he was sealed in alive

“There are things that happened down there that will never be disclosed”

Oh yeah?

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