Another weird death

This one shook me

He hung himself in a closet and wasn’t discovered for 8 months, the hoarding was so bad

I’ve never owned my own home but narcissism is a plague

Their house was so dirty, he wasn’t discovered for 8 months

He probably knew

I struggle with daily suicide ideation

Stay in the light

And clean up yo dirty house

He probably knew tho

“It’ll take them months to find me”…

“One day, she’ll open us this door and find me”

“Fuck you”

Bless his heart, don’t know his name or story or if this is even true (I did not verify)

Was reported missing – home searched twice by police – died via hanging himself in a closet – not discovered until he had mumified

Hey boo, did you know mummification was so easy too?

Apparently only 25% of women on TikTok are worthy of marriage material

I’m glad I get comments sometimes like “you won’t last on the market long”

Maybe not all are ageist

My man gotta think I’m hot in the garden dirty and 80

I wanna live to 100

He gotta help me get there

I got goals

Not dying in a closet undiscovered 8 months

Not getting gutted like Bob

Not letting an immigrant get near me

Sleeping in the lion’s den with mold


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