With the Divided States of Americans

God 1st

My land, my country

If I die in a battle, it will be a heroic fight

A weakened Soldier is most fierce

God already won

But do you know what side of the glass you are on

Do you wish you were black?

I don’t trust anyone but God

I ain’t letting these demons gaslight me into thinking he isn’t real

They are very polarized

I believe in God

Not propaganda

Heaven and hell is a frequency

They trying to keep me from ascending

With 5g and the music is in a certain frequency now – it ain’t good

There’s subliminal messaging in the porn

The music

The grocery shopping

I learned about subliminal messaging in college

I learned some thangs

I get irritated at music everywhere

It ruins my shopping

I wind up spending less

I gotta get out fast

Same at a doctors office

Drives me nutty

Turn it off

These days it’s just louder

Constant noise

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