The alarms are calming
Saw someone was coming
The fourth numbing
My faith is humming
Battle axe now summing

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I was trained to not run out into danger, “play dead” when overtook

“Don’t become a casualty yourself”

“Don’t play hero”

“Make sure the scene is safe”




“One shot, one kill”

Targets chest and head

= dead dead

Never failed at range

Range was at least twice a year – not just Basic Training

“Trained killer”

The Army imprinted on me

You never lost my stripes

Just my sense of direction and uniforms

Which I can replace with ones that fit

I can wear my uniforms anytime anywhere

And you will address me as my title if I am in such role

Deal with it


But go on and keep pissing in the Veterans memorial and getting Walmart closed down

The alarms bring a sense of calm

I’ll use it to my advantage instead of having a ptsd meltdown

I’m looking entirely natural and cute while going out – most people are treating me nicer – I’m seeing loads more BLM who want to unalive me – including the children who wanna pop us (and 3 teenagers were just charged with killing a white person)

I’m not ready to die, I’m fighting for my life

This fucking cancer is eating me alive

Go on and make fun of my body again – even though I work out – I don’t live in the gym – but I don’t sleep all day (or at all?)

Going weapons shopping soon 🙂

Gotta lay low for now

My rent is cheap as fuck – I don’t call this home – it’s hell and cheap for a reason – but I can’t flee yet – or would let them have this place – which is being gentrified – the cop Sunday said this whole town is bad.

Just going for gas or food is a gamble

Just checking my mail

They want us living in fear

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