Invalid Date

Nitrogen narcosis
Dead roses
Lost hope like Moses
Wandering desert hopeless
Some nights we’re frozen
Like unfocused locust
We’re losing focus
Gave God diagnosis
Humanity atrocious
I guess this is us?
The depths that we cross?
Tell God all is lost?

Copyright © 2023 PoeEternal. All rights reserved.

Maybe you can access my domain and maybe you can’t.

Listen, I am the Great Anomaly. But maybe not the only.


I’ve reached out to the Happiness engineers – but I’m never really happy (it’s likely also their fault why I never set up the contact page and things because I get stuck on a step and all hell breaks loose)

I’m drinking ginger currently – it’s spicy

All my clothing from Dolls Kill is fitting – and I’m feeling super cute in said clothes –

My OF ID is poeeternal77 I believe

I deleted my TikTok again – maybe for a day, maybe an hour, maybe a month

Gotta keep em guessing

I don’t pay attention to the hits incoming

I just hit delete notification and uninstall

I hope TikTok gets banned

And Instagram

And PayPal sold your identity out TWICE and then had the audacity to list you as my first contact

We’ve never communicated there

It was an anonymous thang

And like X amount of years later – first contact

I almost paid you back

But I deleted my account instead because I’m fucking psycho

And got tired of the outting and the spam emails

And then the cashapp was mutiliated – not long before Bob was

I don’t know how to spell the word and there is no other suggestion

MUTILATED mutilated

Oh well now I got it


Fuck it

“Honey, I’m trying to spell something I know I can spell but can’t”

My mother once said watching TV with the subtitles on “is annoying” (which I need) (it’s not about the volume either)

So I no longer own a TV

My therapist says I’m polarized but the two weren’t related

Just an observation – she’s a cunt

(The Boomer mom)

My last words to her were a text message on Valentine’s circa 2017 (maybe) stating I hope she has a painful death and whatever it is couldn’t be near the pain and suffering she has caused me

And I blocked her and never looked back

Then last year my sister died

And I didn’t go say byeeee to her in the hospital

The Boomer mom will be rolling in her grave – if she ever dies

I wonder often these days should I contact the blood folks

My real father wants to know “if I’m happy”

His sister got her head bit off for reaching out to me

I ghosted my father when I was ten

People say you can’t hate your parents – so then I researched and realized that you could – not only hate your parents – but an entire generation

The Boomers

Who hold most of House

Once people die, there’s literally zero reason to hold onto a grudge

I can’t fix my dead sister and she was a psychopath so death was the only relief

“I think I might drop Cain / like Cain dropped Abel”

Because he was a fucking psychopath

She needed an exorcism and even that might not have saved her

It’s not my job to save you

You gotta save yourself down here

Stop being an asshole

I was gonna drop more poetry but I don’t have anything to type from

The phone can’t even type the letters I press

I got a hacker from India inside my phone

My modem was destroyed

I’m not hitting backspace for letters to disappear

I hate autofill – it pops up but changes to a different word

I spend more time correcting than I do writing

I don’t care if I misspell anymore!

It’s the algo, not me!

More poetry coming soon

P.S. these immigrants don’t care about you. They have invaded our borders and way of life. Stay protected! Your life matters! They are attacking females especially and doing so unprovoked! It’s seems to nearly always be a black person attacking. Black lives matter. White lives don’t. Check the CENSUS, it’s not how they are reporting. And not gossip sites but research shows many Chinese Americans and Mexican’s identify as “the new white”.


Just gonna erase history huh

Wipe us out, take over

The Great Race war is real

I’m brown and white and not dissing my own race to put up another race – slavery started in Africa and is still going on in Africa and not one white person owns a slave – but black people do

White slavery exists and started with a black person owning a white woman and they condition and break us all!!! They hate us!!!!!

I do not hate white people and I’m tired of the slander against us

No one in my bloodline ever owned a slave

Take money from me for it and there will be consequence


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