Gavin Rossdale Visits The Kevin & Bean Morning Show

The Kevin & Bean Show recently interviewed lead singer of Bush, Gavin Rossdale.

I submitted a question to KROQ and they delivered it to Gavin around 9 minutes in of this interview. I was uncertain that they would even use my question because it is such a somber subject and Gavin was on air likely to talk about the upcoming new album and new tour. The host told Gavin that it was a really nice compliment, and Gavin replied wow, that’s beautiful. He went on to share a really personal memory and his feelings on the matter. He then directly speaks to me by saying my name (Delia), telling me he thought what I said was beautiful and he made me a promise.

I’ve been following Gavin since the early 90s when Bush emerged. I’ve been part of the alternative scene since then too, and the city I lived in at the time was nothing but country and back roads (the alt scene was not hip or popular there).

I’ve lived through the loss of Kurt Cobain, Layne Staley, Chris Cornell, Scott Weiland (and so many more I cherish) through drugs and suicide. With Keith Flint of Prodigy having just died by suicide (and knowing all the terrible things that Gavin has recently gone through), it absolutely made me worry.

So Gavin’s promise to me means a great deal. He never says anything he doesn’t mean. Every moment I’ve had with him is to be cherished. He’s my hero, he’s my muse. He gives me light in an otherwise dark world. Watching him go through his own trials and tribulations have given me strength and encouragement to go on, he teaches me lessons that would go unlearned. I too am like a wolf, a lone wolf anyway. I prefer coywolf because I am a half-breed.

This interview is amazing because he shares such personal insight on very somber matters. But it’s even more special to me because of his promise he makes to me.

I’m honored he finds my words beautiful of him, he deserves beautiful things. You guys should go catch him on tour and join the Bush Army bandwagon. I’m praying for miracles that I can see them for my birthday, as they will be here!

(Praying for some eBay sales, gotta pay my ride first tho)! Thank you to everyone who has bought me Bush tickets these past couple years. Indebted to you.

If you want to know what makes me happy, this is one of them. “This cloud, this cloud, this cloud…”

Watch the full interview here: Gavin Rossdale Visits The Kevin & Bean Morning Show

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    Gavin Rossdale of Bush made a promise to me this year on air, you can listen to the radio show and his promise by following the link in this thread. Worth a listen. HERO (what life is this?)

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