Carry You

I posted a song uncut and unfiltered on Tuners Radio, despite my crippling stage fright. I’ve never even been able to do open mic night or karaoke. I’d love your feedback though. Go easy on me. πŸ˜‡

You can listen here:

P.S. my muse Alex Ebert not only gave it like but added it to one of his playlist on Tuners Radio (he’s literally won Oscars for his music but that’s not why I love him)!! 😍


It was something that they put you through
It makes no sense at all
If you will let me carry you
I promise not to fall

I can take care of you
But only if you want
I’m strong enough to carry you
Though sometimes I may crawl

Hang on, hang on, hang on
ohhhhh ohhhhh ohhhhh ohhhh

Β© Delia Ross. 2020

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