Tell Me When He Dies

I’m never looking back but I’m waiting for the echoes of cries and ringing of bells for when his death arrives

I’ve been sneaking through the halls of hell, dashing through the crowds and veils, it’s a wonder any hope survives

I’ve been bruised by thickets and hell’s prickly fences, the endless casting of spells, preying with fevor and with any luck by sunrise

Mostly wandering lost, decorating diamonds on cells, and the chances we are given are none, there’s no way to revise

I get lost in the feeding, the crying and the frenzy, the height of their yells, his existence I still fully despise

We’re on towers burning bridges, losing hours and our riches, our heads spinning like carousels, but I can see through disguise

Heartless and uncaring, the wounds from his carving, I’m impatient and I’m starving, but hell he dwells, just tell me when he dies

© Delia Ross. 2020

This poem is a multiple rhyme scheme. It has a weird flow.

(My ex is sometimes sneaking around here tho I’ve gone no contact, he’s a narcissist demon spawn from hell).

Selfie 7/4/2020

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3 responses to “Tell Me When He Dies”

  1. Haha well thanks! I like to change the topics and themes up a bit, even the rhyming schemes. I don’t like my ex at all so thought I’d explain in a poem that the only news I want to hear of him is his death…


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