You never know who is watching


I mean, this song still makes me lose my shit and I’m still wholly obsessed with you.

I just see it as a sign from the rock gods

I am a music groupie, but I’m not allowed to talk about it anymore.

I do miss hanging out with all the rock gods.

Bless me with your tunes and VIP


(Signs from the rock gods, signs from the universe)

Is a gig in my future soon? It would be a miracle at this point.

And the guitar player for Alice Cooper is in my story, coolz!! 👀

I was just thinking how I wasn’t welcome in your house and how I needed a little attention and here you go blessing me with the rock gods so thank you

(And for the other grey signs too) ((my orbit is circling back to you, thank god))


P.S. your poetry is my bloodline

P.S.S. (your rap drives me insane) ((I’m sorry for always childishly dry humping your existence everywhere but like why are you so fucking perfect at everything- the darkness- the light- I need every inch of you)). FUCK

Our love is meant to be.


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